Stay safe online - 2022-10-06

State-backed hackers exploiting new Microsoft Office zero-day bug

Microsoft Follina bug exploited to target entities in Europe and US. More
News Security   June 06, 2022  

Microsoft detected and disabled OneDrive attacks from Lebanese hackers

Lebanese hacker group targeted Israeli organizations before the Microsoft block. More
News   June 03, 2022  

Clipminer Botnet made at least 1.7 Million dollars from crypto mining

Malware gang stole millions by hijacking cryptocurrency transactions. More
News Viruses and parasites   June 02, 2022  

New XLoader botnet variant hides C&C servers using probability theory

The new malicious Botnet versions spotted by threat researchers. More
News Viruses and parasites   June 01, 2022  

Interpol arrested three Nigerians for malware use and financial crimes

Interpol announced the arrest of three criminals for their global scam operations. More
News Security   May 31, 2022  

Clop ransomware resumed activities with 21 victims in a month already

The ransomware gang active again after the shutdown for a few months. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 30, 2022  

Zyxel issues patches for security flaws affecting APs and controllers

Zyxel addresses four security vulnerabilities affecting firewalls and AP products. More

FTC fined Twitter $150M for using peoples’ information for advertising

Twitter settles allegations that it abused non-public information collected for the security purposes. More
News Security   May 26, 2022  

Hackers target Russian government: fake Windows updates deliver RATs

Researchers discover new malware attacks aimed at Russian government entities. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 25, 2022  

Snake Keylogger distributed using malicious PDF files

Cybersecurity researchers reveal the new way hackers manage to spread malware around. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 24, 2022  

Elon Musk’s deep fake videos used to promote new cryptocurrency scam

Elon Musk used in scams with cryptocurrency: BitVex trading platform scam. More
News Spam and phishing   May 23, 2022  

Hackers made fake Windows 11 download domains to deliver Vidar malware

Fake domains offer Windows 11 installers and deploy info-stealing malware instead. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 20, 2022  

VMware authentication bypass flaws in various products get patched

Customers are warned to immediately patch the critical vulnerabilities with critical severity scores. More

North Korean hackers pose as experienced IT freelancers to land employment

FBI warns about skilled software and mobile app developers from North Korea posing as "non-DPRK nationals" and freelancers. More
News Spam and phishing   May 18, 2022  

US Justice Department charges a doctor for selling Thanos ransomware

US DoJ links Thanos ransomware and Jigsaw ransomware development to the cardiologist from Venezuela. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 17, 2022