Did Amazon fail to escape another hackers‘ assault?

After users have started gossiping about possible data leak in Amazon recently, the company rushes to deny Amazon being hacked. However, their recent activity, including resetting passwords of certain users, sparks speculations that the company might be hiding something. It is fairly possible taking into account the hijack which occurred in July when a user, named 0x2Taylor, pointed major security flaws in security servers and hacked in response to Amazon‘s indifference. Therefore, should users worry about their data protection again?

Obviously, big security resources are required to manage efficient operation of a website. According to the Statista report, this company has managed over 350 billion of unique accounts in the first quarter in 2016. As the number of new clients keeps increasing early, Amazon is obliged to retain its positive image online. However, it might be difficult to do so after the hijack case in July when the website was assaulted by 0x2Taylor. He leaked over 80 000 login and credential passwords. The aim of such cyber attack was not the intention to make a profit but actually the encouragement to fix security flaws. At the time Amazon failed to acknowledge having them.

Unfortunately, the company causes suspicions about possible data breach again as they recently reset the passwords of selected users. The officials deny any hijack and assure that recent measures had to be taken after they detected that a set of customers details was disclosed online. Elaborating on the matter, they said that the data matched the credential of certain users, so they had to check whether their accounts were not occupied. The online market giant started sending the passwords last week. At the moment, only a small amount of the entire Amazon clientele has received the emails, so the general number of affected users remains unknown.

While the matter is still overshadowed by too many questions and few answers, the virtual community is encouraged to be vigilant more than ever before. Whether you perform crucial and top-secret operations daily or just occasionally shop online, the virus activity reveals that you are not completely safe in any way. There is always a possibility of being attacked by a cyber criminal and the confidential information exposed to crooks. Despite whether the website you are using is strongly protected from cyber attacks, your participation is crucial as well. Likewise, having an updated anti-virus tool is a must while surfing the vast spaces of the online world.

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