How to Keep Your Credentials Save

Five years ago such financial crimes like trading of credit card details was an increasing problem for the finance industry and its loyal customers. Those who were pleased to have platinum or corporate cards were unpleasantly surprised when their money was stolen unexpectedly.

However, today cyber criminals rapidly change their tactics and have even started to charge each other for the user credentials at the moment. Personal information, such as account details, passwords and other is known to be called the credentials, “dumb” files in hacking circles. Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva says that the price of user credentials depends on the Internet Services where they can be used for fraudulent reasons. Numbers of reports about Twitter credentials that are priced up to $1000 (owing the revenue generation that is possible from a web 2.0 services account) have been announced recently. Moreover, such information like $1.50 for a Hotmail account and $80.00 for Gmail account which is flexible and valued by business users has also appeared on the Web. Gmail credentials are expected to reach Google Docs, Adword and other accounts from the cloud services while Twitter’s allow almost any technique to implement fraudulent activity.

All these notifications just confirm the theory that after the rapid revolution of Web 2.0 services these days, hackers have started to search for a new tactics to attack the users. The popularity of application is one of the reasons why credentials have become so important and useful for them.

Remember, that having multiple IDs and only one password increases the risk of loosing your own credentials. Just wake-up and start using different passwords for different services. It is very important for business users and their accounts so they could save their data and avoid disasters after noticing that their credentials are stolen.