hpHOSTS – untrustworthy resource?

hpHOSTS is a web site of the community managed hosts file, which is used for blocking access to thousands of malicious web sites. This file can be merged with the user’s current hosts file, but can also replace the original. Once installed, hpHOSTS blocks access to more than 46,000 host names. All of these host names should be related to known spyware and adware pushers, advertisers, virus makers and other questionable players.

A quality crafted hosts file helps to avoid accidental infections and minimize the damage from active parasites. 2-Spyware.com understands how important a secure hosts file is. However, we have to ask all our visitors to stop using the hpHOSTS service, because it blocks legitimate domains 2-Spyware.com and Jurgita.com without reason. And that’s not all. Harmless resources from around the world, including www.stopzilla.com, liveinternet.ru, www.hey.lt and a lot of others, are also blocked.

We have posted a report on hpHOSTS HOSTS File Support Forum in the HOSTS Outbox section. Still no adequate response?€¦

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Your opinion regarding hpHOSTS – untrustworthy resource?

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