Major update of the Anti-Spyware list

The research center has updated the larger part of the Anti-Spyware category. Almost 30 legitimate anti-spyware products in the list have been retested. They got new reviews describing their positive sides, drawbacks and impressions they left. All the updated reviews have new program screenshots, the latest information on program performance and general effectiveness. The rating marks of some spyware removers have also been changed.

We highly recommend revisiting the Anti-Spyware category. Please carefully read each review, pay attention to the rating mark a program got and read comments submitted by other visitors. This will help you to make a wise choice and compare your current anti-spyware program with other modern solutions on the market.

If you cannot find a particular spyware remover in the Anti-Spyware category, take a closer look on the category of corrupt products. It contains the list of rogue, fake, illegal, even harmful applications that definitely cannot correctly identify and remove various security and privacy threats, and therefore must be avoided.

  1. m berlin says:
    April 20th, 2006 at 10:21 am

    please advise how I can remove from my screen the rectangular box headed: attention–offering me ioptions to block or allow, but your box remains on my computer screen and is a serious impediment to my use of the computer. I would not mind if I can close the box and store for use later. thank you for your help, m berlin

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