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Stay safe online - 2018-08-15

Mac OSX and Linux found vulnerable to URI flaws

Recently Microsoft announced that it would release necessary patches for a vulnerability related to the URI protocol handling technology. More

Citrix holes endanger Government and Military systems

Military and governmental systems use the Citrix technology to put up GUIs. More

Phishtank’s annual phishing statistics (1)

A project against phishing, Phishtank, has released a report with the annual statistics on this issue. More

Sun released new Java updates (1)

Sun Microsystems, the company behind Java Runtime Environment , has released an update that fixes many security flaws, indluding some that could allow hackers to compromise or steal data from unpatched systems. More

Governmental email accounts clogged

Due to a programming flaw with the "reply" function, one reply became 2.2 million replies, clogging federal inboxes of the USA. More
General News What's new   2007-10-08

QuickTime flaw finally fixed

The recently infamous 13 month old QuickTime flaw, which Apple failed to patch in March, has finally been taken care of in Quicktime version 7.2. More

China Internet Security Response Team attacked

Although China has been accused of government-backed attacks , China itself has been attacked: one of the country's internet security sites contains malicious code. More

Storm, the most productive worm

Storm isn't necessarilly the most ingenious or heinous malware circling around the net, but it is or will soon take the place of the most productive, with an estimated 1 million computers infected globally. More

Eircom modems vulnerable to exploits

Certain modems, used by Eircom customers, are vulnerable to Wired Equicalent Privacy software exploits. More

Fraudsters pretend to be the IRS (1)

A new type of phishing scam has been noticed last week, which offers a tax refund from the US IRS . More

Stealth Microsoft update might be harmful (1)

Secret update from Microsoft provoked anger and debates two weeks ago. More

Five dirty tricks (in a row)

The obvious problem with cyber-crime is that, unlike decent murdering and burglarizing criminals, they are intelligent enough to make a fool of you and your anti-viral software by using insidious methods, which are difficult to recognize. More

New media player exploits (1)

Apple’s Quicktime and Microsoft Windows Media Player could continue to be ways of infection regardless of what the default internet browser a user has. More

McAfee and Symantec fight over the security market

McAfee and Symantec, the two largest computer security vendors, are searching for ways to beat one another in the enterprise market. More
General News What's new   2007-09-26

Storm Worm Increased Spam Level in August

The Storm worm has been around for a while and it has infected a lot of computers since the outbreak on the 15th of August. More