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Stay safe online - 2017-12-13

Viruses and spyware to compromise popular desktop and security-related software

The analysis of recently discovered security vulnerabilities, common hacker attacks, virus and spyware infections that took place last year revealed an absolutely new trend - more and more parasites are being designed to exploit not the operating system's flaws, but bugs found in popular desktop and security-related software including antiviruses, backup utilities, da... More

Virus authors and spyware makers join forces

Yesterday, Technology Review, one of the oldest technology magazines in the world, published an interesting article "Spying on Spyware" presenting new facts on parasites. More

TRUSTe to legitimize adware and trackware downloads

Yesterday, TRUSTe together with well-known sponsors including Yahoo!, AOL, CNET Networks, Computer Associates, and Verizon announced a new program to certify downloadable software. More
General News   2005-11-17

Why Claria?€™s advertising-supported programs are still called parasites

Probably every visitor knows about Claria Corporation, its advertising-supported products and services. More

Splogs and comment spam ?€“ new sources of spyware

Time tells that some spammers, advertisers and spyware makers are quite good psychologists with really fertile minds. More
News Spam and phishing   2005-11-15

The importance of EULA

With the advent of very first stable enough releases of Windows operating system, the installation of various programs have reached nearly the most basic level ever. More
Articles Security   2005-11-15

SpyAxe – another illegally distributed spyware remover (11)

During last few months a lot of corrupt anti-spyware vendors and their numerous affiliates began to use an illegal technique to promote and distribute rogue products. More

CDT, CIPPIC and FTC get ready to shut down another spyware distributor

The Center for Democracy and Technology and the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic together with the Federal Trade Commission last week... More

FTC busts vendor of EliteBar and SpywareBomber

The Federal Trade Commission has yesterday announced an official complaint against Enternet Media ordering to halt the latter's illegal activity. More

Windows Defender will replace popular Microsoft AntiSpyware (1)

Two Microsoft developers Jason Garms and Steve Dodson last Friday have announced on their blogs that popular Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta, also known as Windows AntiSpyware, will be no more. More
Anti-spyware software News   2005-11-09

Virus and parasite names to be standardized

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team came up with an initiative to standardize names of widely-spread viruses, Internet worms and other parasites by creating a new common name system, which should completely eliminate or leastwise partially reduce the confusion caused by disparate naming schemes used by numerous antivirus vendors and security-related s... More

Unnamed AIM worm installs loads of extremely dangerous pests

Recently an unnamed Internet worm was found rapidly spreading through chat rooms and instant messages using AOL Instant Messenger program. More
News Viruses and parasites   2005-11-06

ASC finalized official spyware definitions

The Anti-Spyware Coalition , an alliance of security software companies, academics and consumers groups, finalized official definitions of spyware and released them on October 27. More


Content theft is a big problem in internet space. Sometimes its impossible to maintain original content, search engines doesn't know who is the author of the one or another article if the same content is published in various websites. More
Articles Security   2005-09-06

Is software providing your security is safe?

This article deals with dangers the software programs ensuring your security are exposed to. More
Articles Security   2005-08-23
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