Announcement by Google: Trips app shut down but more is to come

Google replaces Trips apps by upgrading other services

Announcement by Google: Trips app shut down but more is to comeGoogle shuts Trips but increases other functionalities in its travel services

Google has announced that on the 5th of August it shut down the beloved app “Trips”.[1] However, authorities are asking people to stay calm as they are improving other similar programs such as Maps and Search that allow completing the same tasks on mobile devices.[2]

Besides, people who have been using the Trips app in the past, do not have to be worried that they will lose information that was saved in the application. If the user continues signing into his/her Google account, all marked places, visited destinations, and other similar details will be safely stored in the Search service.[3]

Travel page is the main target of Google's upgrade process

The biggest improvement by Google will be made on its Travel service. Since Trips has vanished, users who are still interested in services can do the same thing in Google's Travel page. Here, people are presented with upcoming events, can discover popular places, and locate the destinations that are likely to be reached.

Google has revealed that they will try to add as many beneficial features to their Travel page as possible to make it become a handy service for users worldwide. Furthermore, Google is looking forward to releasing the ability for users to manage already marked flights, booking, and other entertainment from the past, today, and the future.

Google Maps app is offering to view all locations stored in the “Your Places” section

Talking about the Maps app provided by Google, users can also search for their beloved places, plan destinations, and locate various objects via the “Explorer” tab that is injected into the application. Another beneficial change made to this service is that users can immediately find places that they have stored in “Your Places”.

However, that is not all that will happen with Maps' services. The developers are also looking forward to including various reservation possibilities that could be viewed while staying offline also. So, as you can see, removing the Trips app might not be such a loss as the service appears to be easily replaceable by other advantageous products.

Not the first time when Google takes its travel services seriously

This is not the first time when Google decided to upgrade its travel services. About a year ago the company has started carrying out tasks towards the expansion of its offered features.[4] An amazing thing is a possibility to view best flight offers before upcoming holidays, special occasions, etc. This can be done on the Landing page. Besides that, this service suggests even planning the person's daily activities once he/she arrives at the destination point:[5]

For many people, holidays and school breaks provide the perfect time to travel. Whether your journeys take you to spend time with family or on a relaxing vacation, planning ahead can make the whole process less stressful — and less costly. Google is here to help with that. We help make the process of searching for a flight and hotel easier by helping you find the best solution for your travel needs. We’ll even help you find the best things to do once you reach your destination.

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