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Stay safe online - 2019-02-22

Duqu exploits zero-day vulnerability for distribution

We have already announced about Duqu rootkit which is a dangerously designed virus exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Windows. More
News Security   2011-11-02

FCC creates free security tool for small businesses

Small businesses should be pleased after hearing that Federal Communications Commission is going to release a free online tool which will help them to fight against unexpected cyber threat attacks. More
News Security   2011-10-26

Avoid ‘Battery Upgrade’/’Battery Doctor’ apps

More and more frequently malware targets the Android Operating System. More
News Security   2011-10-24

Duqu – malware almost identical to Stuxnet worm (1)

The recent malware attack, Duqu, has almost identical parts of its code base to infamous Stuxnet worm, says Symantec. More
News Viruses and parasites   2011-10-19

Microsoft: Social Engineering and AutoRun are the Most Popular Malware-Spreading Techniques (1)

According to Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report volume 11, zero-day vulnerabilities seem to be not a big issue for today's users - less than 1 percent of exploits in the first half of 2011 can be blamed for distributing malware through zero-day vulnerabilities. More
News Security   2011-10-17

Faked YesAsia Invoices are Used to Spread Malware (3)

If you live in Asian countries, you have probably used website or heard about it at least. More
News Security   2011-10-11

McAfee Report Reveals Confidence in Online Banking Is Still Fragile

New findings by? McAfee, well-known antivirus vendor,? have shown that? only 33% of UK bank? consumers are? completely confident that their details are safe while accessing their accounts online. More
Security   2011-10-05

Windows 8 Anti-virus Challenging Security Vendors

As some of you probably have heard already, Microsoft decided to ship new Windows 8 with built-in anti-virus software. More
Security   2011-10-03

Android vulnerabilities put users at risk

Security experts announce two serious security vulnerabilities found in Android platform this month. More
Articles Security   2011-09-30

Don’t fall into ‘Update your browser’ scam

A new worm named Worm.Rorpian.E is noticed to be spreading all over the Internet and actively infecting PC users on the network. More
Articles Security   2011-09-26

Malicious Internet Explorer Plugin infects PC users

Users of Internet Explorer should pay attention to a new rogue plugin which makes its victims think that they are installing upgrades of Flash Player while in reality they are letting the malicious browser helper object to enter. More
Articles Security   2011-09-23

South Korea Suspects Cyber Attack against a Large Bank

A popular bank in South Korea has experienced a large system failure which caused their customers many problems. More
News   2011-04-19

New tendency: smartphones and social networks have been attacked by hackers (1)

According to reports released by one of computer security firms, Symantec, new tendency has been noticed: cyber criminals have finally paid their attention to the major mobile platforms and have started working on smartphones. More
News Vulnerabilities   2011-04-12

Microsoft Excel files have been used to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities (1)

Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat has been have been affected by a critical zero-day vulnerability. More
News Vulnerabilities   2011-03-15

Stuxnet ?€?cyber superweapon?€? attacks China

Stuxnet computer worm has been reported to find a new target to infect. More
Articles Security   2010-10-01
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