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Stay safe online - 2019-01-22

Kelihos botnet operator was technical expert at Antivirus company (2)

Yesterday Microsoft reported about surprising findings in one of Russian antivirus firms - according to the announcement, one of its former technical experts, Andrey N. More
News Security   2012-01-24

Don’t fall for Metropolitan Police misleading alert (1)

Metropolitan Police alert, also called the Ukash virus, is one of the latest scams that are used for trying to swindle the money from PC users. More
News Security   2012-01-17

SpyEye trojan is used to hide fraudulent money transfers (1)

Some months ago we have warned you about the dangerous banking trojan called SpyEye. More
News Security   2012-01-10

Clickjacking scams are still used on Facebook (1)

New Year has come and hackers have started spreading new scams on Facebook. More
News Security   2012-01-04

Be Sure to Avoid Au Pair/Nanny Scams (1)

If you are looking for a job, don't fall into those emails that spread around offering unreal nanny/au pair job offers that can be turned down only by the crazy ones. More
News Security   2011-12-22

FTC provides refunds to Winfixer, family of malwares, victims (2)

According to FTC , 320.000 PC users who have paid for the malwares from Winfixer family will be mailed a check with a refund this week. More
News Security   2011-12-15

Don’t fall into the latest Amazon scam (1)

Some weeks ago scammers managed to distribute hundreds of letters misleadingly claiming that recipient's account will expire soon and that it will be deactivated. More
News Spam and phishing   2011-12-06

FBI reports about modified Trojan ZeuS version

According to FBI, computer crooks have begun launching new type of cyber attacks that use a modified version of Trojan ZeuS. More
News Security   2011-12-02

Don’t fall into two blonde women screensaver scam on Facebook! (1)

Scammers keep using Facebook for distributing their malware. More
News Security   2011-11-30

Multi-name rogues renew their activity

We must warn you about an updated version of multi-named rogues that were noticed by our researchers in the middle of June, 2011. More
News Security   2011-11-29

New phishing scam is seen on Facebook

If you have already got a message claiming that your Facebook account is reported for policy violations and will be disabled, make sure it is legitimate and was sent by REAL Facebook team. More
News Security   2011-11-24

Online holiday scams you should avoid

You must have already heard about those phony Facebook promotions that instead of amazing prizes and presents leave victims without their account and money. More
News Security   2011-11-22

Scammers exploit browser vulnerability for spam attack on Facebook

Have you been seeing videos or photos with adult content on your Facebook wall these days? More
News Security   2011-11-17

Twilight-related web searches may be infected with malware

The latest Twilight movie "Twilight Breaking Dawn" and growing interest for its plot, actors and other things has encouraged hackers to use it for generating some money. More
News Security   2011-11-16

New Android Trojan is Uncovered

The group of researchers from NC State University have revealed a new cyber threat - SMS Android Trojan that attacks android systems by representing itself as Google Library. More
News Security   2011-11-14
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