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Stay safe online - 2018-08-15

What concerns gov’t security officials?

During an Information Technology Association of America security workshop, government security officials have expressed their concerns about some particular tendencies in the security field. More
General News What's new   2007-11-06

Hackers get help from a virtual stripper

Hackers have been reported to rely on a virtual stripper in order to get past CAPTCHAs . More

Virtualization – a new way to deal with infection

Many security researchers have come to the conclusion that there is really no good way anymore to protect home users from getting infected with malware. More
General News What's new   2007-10-30

Storm getting ready to be sold?

The people behind Storm have added a 40 byte encryption to their command-and-control traffic between the bot-herder and bots, leaving security analysts even more at loss than before. More

Amount of trojan attacks rises rapidly

Many companies present new security software, people learn about cyber safety, so times should be getting harder for the attackers. More
General What's new   2007-10-25

RealPlayer exploit discovered

Previously unknown RealPlayer exploitation was discovered last week. More

Industrial espionage: increasing part of cyber attacks

The time when hacking and cracking were occasional free time activities of solitary guys has passed. More

Up next ?€“ audio spam

Scammers are getting better at avoiding filters by using file formats not generally blocked or difficult for filters to disassemble. More

SkypeDefender – new way to rob users (1)

Due to the recent outbreak of skype-using malware , a new niche in the security field arose, and that is Skype security. More

Locationbar?² – new Firefox Security add-on

One of the methods of phishing your personal information is to direct you to a spoofed site, that looks exactly how it's supposed to, but the appearance is just a trick to lead you to a site designed specifically to collect your personal info. More

Physical Keyloggers

When we hear the word "keylogger" , malicious software comes to mind. More
General News What's new   2007-10-18

How to avoid email scams and phishing (2)

You hear about scams that lurk online every day. When you see as many articles about successful phishing attempts as this year, you may think that whole online scam thing is exaggerated. More

Phishers turning to bigger pools of victims

Security researchers report a dramatic decrease of phishing emails targeting PayPal and eBay customers. More

SRI’s attempt to fight Storm

Computer scientists of SRI International based in Menlo Park, California, have developed a program that is meant to deal with botnets, especially those belonging to Storm, the nature of which is still not clear: some say it is a Worm, other say it's a Trojan. More

Personal details may be obtained by cyber attackers

Australia’s finally realizing the threats of cyber attacks to the country’s government institutions and business sector, which were attacked dozens of times this year, and now it’s raising concerns about the safety of personal and financial data of users. More