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Stay safe online - 2018-12-19

The most secure and the most insecure domains of virtual world

People tend to avoid dangerous neighborhood, but when it comes to the virtual space we often ignore the reputation of certain domains. More
General News What's new   2008-06-08

Beware of new scam targeting online banking accounts (1)

A new scheme was noticed running in wild targeting those that do money transfers online. More

Why hackers are faster than you are

Computer security researchers came up with an idea why internet isn't a safe place. More

Malware ?€“ the thing you don?€™t usually expect to get at security conference

AusCERT security conference may have gone well, but it still failed at certain point. More

The more famous the more vulnerable: Apple vulnerabilities emerge

Mac/Apple lovers used to be proud of more stable and more reliable systems, but the time has passed. More

Initiator of pop-up scam finally received punishment

Ron Cooke, pop-ups scammer, finally received what he deserved. More

Can malware tactics be used for good effects?

Computer parasites are evil. No one likes them and almost everyone can share terrible experience related to some malware attack. More

New tool to fight zombie networks came from Microsoft

The damage done by zombie networks grows by days, yet botnets are not easy to stop or even to detect. More

Spam keeps up with recent events

Olympic Games and all the topics related to Olympics draw readers' attention quickly. More
News Spam and phishing   2008-04-30

US take botnets seriously

Viruses and spam are not as dangerous as means to distribute them. More
News What's new   2008-04-23

Is anti-virus really helpful?

Having anti-virus on computer was really helpful several years ago, but when new types of computer infections emerged, anti-virus became not as powerful tool as it used to be. More
Articles Security   2008-04-21

Not a surprise attack: patched MS Windows are still vulnerable

Can all software exploits ever be patched? The answer is probably negative. More
News Vulnerabilities   2008-04-14

Pre-infected hardware ?€“ is there any way to fight it?

Having all possible types of security software updated and running doesn't grant the safety of your computer. More
General News What's new   2008-04-11

Coming next: crimeware-as-a-service

Security experts warn of new scheme of cyber crimes: crime-as-a-service. More

Scareware ?€“ malware for Macs

The users of Mac computers are not longer exceptional when we talk about malware attacks. More
News What's new   2008-04-04
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