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Stay safe online - 2018-01-16

Killing malicious processes (2)

Every program is a set of certain files. To start the program you run an executable file that loads the entire program or some of its components. More
Articles Security   2005-07-22

Unregistering malicious DLLs

Complex parasites often use dynamically linked library files that contain code responsible for implementing certain harmful functions and required by threats to work as intended. More
Articles Security   2005-07-19

Starting the system in Safe Mode (8)

Often spyware and other parasites change default system behavior in order to obstruct their manual removal or make it virtually impossible. More
Articles Security   2005-07-16

Microsoft is going to buy Claria?

On June 30, 2005 Wall Street Journal and New York Times separately reported that according to information received from reliable sources within Microsoft, the latter for more than two weeks has been in talks to buy the biggest advertising company Claria, formerly known as Gator. More
Articles Security   2005-07-15

What browser is the safest from spyware?

For many of us a web browser is the most necessary program. Every day we need it at work and at leisure to read news or find required information. More
Articles Security   2005-07-13

Internet Explorer. When popularity means insecurity (1)

Obviously, there is no need to argue that Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system and Internet Explorer browser included in the OS distribution is the most popular program used to access the web. More
Articles Security   2005-07-13

The future of spyware and anti-spyware programs

Infamous spyware parasites that nowadays spread with an incredible rate actually didn't appear long time ago. More
Articles Security   2005-07-13

Manual removal of harmful files

Every program consists of files. Even spyware, a virus or a different parasite - all have their own files. More
Articles Security   2005-07-12

Manual removal of malicious registry entries (3)

The registry is one of the most vital components of the Microsoft Windows operating system. More
Articles Security   2005-07-12

Netscape 8. Secure two-headed browser

Netscape 8 is a new Amercia Online product that qualitatively differs from earlier browser versions, although it still has many in common with previous releases and also is based on Mozilla Foundation's code, this time - code of the best all-around alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer - Firefox. More
Articles Security   2005-07-12

Is Opera protected from spyware? (1)

Opera is a multifunction, multi-platform web browser with rich set of functions. More
Articles Security   2005-07-08

CoolWebSearch – the most infamous browser hijacker

Browser hijackers are malicious programs that alter web browser settings without asking for user permission. More
Articles Security   2005-07-08

Mozilla Firefox. Customizable, secure, safe from spyware (1)

Firefox probably is the most successful newcomer to the web browsers niche. More
Articles Security   2005-07-08

How to prevent browser hijacking? (1)

If you often surf the Internet, use Microsoft Windows operating sytem and Internet Explorer web browser, then you're in big danger. More
Articles Security   2005-06-27

Definition: Cracking (1)

Cracking is kind of malicious activity, when some cracker gets into someone's computer system without his permission and knowledge. More
Articles Security   2005-04-06
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