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Stay safe online - 2022-11-30

Reasons why cyber criminals are eager to hack your smartphone

When we speak about cyber security, the computer is the first thing that comes to mind. More
News Security   2017-03-08

Faulty backups expose River City Media’s spam operations and a database of 1.4bn email accounts

A group of investigators from MacKeeper, CSOOnline, and Spamhaus have unmasked probably one of the largest spam operations in the world. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-03-07

Tech Support scammers now offer free antivirus coupons to entice victims to call them

Tech support scammers seem to be full of new ideas how to scam unsuspecting or just inexperienced computer users. More
General News   2017-03-06

Cerber ransom note was detected in two Android apps

Malware researchers have just spotted the Cerber ransom note in the source code of two Android applications. More
General News   2017-03-03

Crypt0L0cker is back picking Italy as its primary target

Crypt0L0cker had been actively carrying out attacks on Australian and European users from 2013 through 2015. More
General News   2017-03-02

Advertising trojans take top position in mobile viruses

Reviewing the malware trends in 2016, virus researchers noticed a surge in mobile trojans. More
News Security   2017-03-01

Cybercriminals now use Dropbox links to spread ransomware via phishing emails

The number of ransomware attacks is growing, and while malware analysts concentrate on such dangerous viruses like Cerber, Locky or Spora, developers of less pronounced ransomware viruses get a chance to improve their projects silently. More
General News   2017-02-28

Fake FBI email asks to transfer 112$ to verify iCloud account

Crooks and scammers love to use the name of FBI to commit cyber crimes. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-02-27

Manage your taxes safely: cyber security experts suggest how to avoid identity theft

Tax season leaves nobody indifferent. Some are looking forward to getting that extra reward for the years hard work, while others sigh with discontent even thinking about having to waste their whole evening filling boring forms. More
General News   2017-02-24

Dealing with Android ransomware: “tell me the unlock code”

It seemed that there was no virus that could surprise virus researchers anymore. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-02-23

Social engineering. What is it and how to prevent it?

It is no secret that the humans are dependent on technology nowadays, which has advantages and disadvantages. More
General News   2017-02-22

MRCR and CryptoMix ransomware viruses are already decryptable

Ransomware attacks are always threatening and damaging experience, especially for those who do not back up their files regularly. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-02-21

Google bans sending JavaScript files via Gmail

Through the years, JavaScript has enabled legitimate web developers and software designers to improve their products and provide people with an enhanced usage experience . More
General News   2017-02-20

Yahoo hacked again: culprits used forged cookies to break into users’ accounts

Yahoo successfully continues to lose its outstanding reputation. More
News Security   2017-02-17

Simulated LogicLocker ransomware attack points out insecure industrial systems

Cyber criminals have already proved that ransomware is a threat not only to home computer users. More
General News   2017-02-15