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Stay safe online - 2020-01-22

Critical Internet Explorer vulnerability

A few days ago, security experts have discovered a new flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, the most popular web browser. More

The danger of botnets

Have you ever wondered, what consequences can a simple spyware or adware infection have? More

Corrupt anti-spyware bundles adware

It is quite difficult to sell a corrupt anti-spyware program. More
Anti-spyware software News   2006-03-12

New SpySheriff clone is on the loose

SpySheriff, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program, has got yet another clone. More

Report illegal use of the content (1)

Today, one of our constant visitors has sent us a link to a message in the Dell Community Forum. More
General News   2006-03-08

Update on SpyFalcon (6)

SpyFalcon, the infamous trojan continues to mutate. A new variant of this parasite has appeared recently. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-03-07

Building a secure workstation

The research team has just started working on a guide with the working title Building a secure workstation. More
General News   2006-03-04

RedBrowser, the first mobile phone trojan

Nowadays, not only personal computers and servers can be infected with viral parasites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-03-01

What’s new on – Issue 2, February, 2006

News SpywareStrike has got a clone Olympic gold medalist looks to be a spyware pusher Botnets, botmasters and spyware victims. More
News What's new   2006-03-01

Top 100 parasites of 2005

The last year really was the year of spyware, adware and malware threats. More
Articles Security   2006-02-26

The rise of money stealing trojans

Trojans are everywhere. You receive them by e-mail, download from popular file sharing networks, install by clicking on malicious links in instant messages or by surfing to fake security-related web sites. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-02-21

Botnets, botmasters and spyware victims. You must read this

Brian Kerebs of The Washington Post has published a very informative and breathtaking story on botnets, botmasters, adware companies and spyware victims. More
General News   2006-02-19

Olympic gold medalist looks to be a spyware pusher (1)

First-time Olympian Australian skier Dale Begg-Smith has won the gold medal at this year's Olympics in Torino. More
General News   2006-02-18

SpywareStrike has got a clone (2)

SpywareStrike, one of the most infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs ever, has just got a brand new clone - SpyFalcon. More

HpHOSTS – untrustworthy resource?

hpHOSTS is a web site of the community managed hosts file, which is used for blocking access to thousands of malicious web sites. More
General News   2006-02-07