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Mercher Android Banking Trojan piggybacks fake Flash Player Update

Mercher uses deceptive techniques to get inside the device. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-06-27

The British Parliament was hit by cyber attack

Hackers tried to access MPs’ email accounts. On Friday, the British Parliament was hit by a cyber attack. More
News   2017-06-26

Virgin Media warns to change your router password

In case you are wondering what Virgin Media is and why it issued such advice, let us briefly explain that it is a popular company offering broadband, TV and smartphone services. More
News Security   2017-06-23

WannaCry continues to wreak havoc worldwide - Honda, RedFlex among the victims

More than a month after the first WannaCry outbreak, the virus continues to infect machines worldwide. More
News   2017-06-22

Cyber attack suspected behind sudden Skype outage

Skype services stopped working on June 19th. If you’ve been on the Internet these last couple of days, you most likely noticed all the buzz about the major Skype outages that reportedly started on June 19th and are continuing today . More
News   2017-06-21

Web hosting company paid $1 million after ransomware attack

Negotiation with cyber criminals helped to decrease the size of the ransom. More
General News   2017-06-20

New Google‘s Backup and Sync feature helps to backup files easily

The importance of backup has been long discussed in the online media. More
News   2017-06-19

Computer risks do differ: major cyber hazards in a nutshell

Cyber threats are more serious than most people think. Rumors have it that cyber threats do not really sting us. More
News Security   2017-06-16

Paypal phishing site asks for a selfie as it steals your information

Scammers ask victims to take photo of themselves holding ID and credit card to "verify the identity". More
News   2017-06-16

North Korean hacker group might be behind worldwide cyber attacks

North Korean-sponsored malware terrorized the world for nearly a decade. More
News Security   2017-06-15

June’s Patch Tuesday: fix 96 vulnerabilities on your computer

Microsoft released critical and important updates for Windows. More
News Security   2017-06-14

Free flight ticket scam spreads on Facebook

The scam goes viral on Facebook. Recently, you might have seen posts on Facebook about major airline companies, such as Delta, AirAsia or Emirates Airlines offering airline ticket giveaways. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-06-13

SambaCry enrolls Linux systems into a cryptocurrency mining botnet

Attackers use SambaCry vulnerability to infect Linux systems with cryptocurrency miner. More
News   2017-06-12

20 Apple employees were selling users' data on the black market

Chinese authorities have issued a public announcement which revealed that a total of 22 people had been arrested for the alleged trading of users’ personal data on the black market . More
General News   2017-06-09

PowerShell commands used for downloading malware from PowerPoint

Probably, everyone has heard about dangers that might hide under the “Enable Macros” button in the Microsoft Word document that has unexpectedly shown up in one of the received emails. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-06-08