Scammers spread their trojan horse using fake British Airways e-tickets

Criminals are really creative people, who always look for fresh ways when trying to spread their malware. This time security researchers have noticed misleading, but genuinely-looking, emails that have an e-ticket from British Airways added to them. According to experts, these spam letters have been distributed all around the world and, of course, been used to spread a cyber infection. This is a trojan horse, which has been named as Troj/Invo-Zip.

In order to increase the number of their victims, bad guys have managed to take over a real British Airways email. After receiving such letter, victim also sees a malicious ZIP file, which looks like a ticket but downloads a trojan horse on computer. Some of these files are opened because of curiosity, some of them are sent for real British Airways customers.

This misleading email says:

Subject: BA e-ticket receipt
Attached file:
e-ticket receipt
Dear, Booking reference:
Thank you for booking with British airways

Before you fall for this letter and download a malicious ZIP file, pay attention to the name of the attached file because it stays the same in all spam emails. Of course, scammers can easily set another file name to this malicious zip file in order to infect more users.

Our advice is very simple: If you haven’t booked a ticket from British Airways for travel, you should ignore any email sent by this company. If you are planning to use British Airways services for your flight, the only real way to prevent a secret intrusion of such viruses is having an anti-virus and anti-malware software installed. Besides, it has to be up-to-date to help you prevent an infiltration of new viruses.