The iPhone And iPad Are Targets For Hackers

The iPhone And iPad Are Targets For Hackers because of intense online iOS browsing activity.
The popularity of APPLE mobile devices has its downside. This is appeal the iPhone and the iPad has in the eyes of cyber criminals, where studies have revealed how iOS traffic has surged lately.

A report from Zscaler shows that iOS traffic has jumped from 40 per cent at the end of last year, to 48 per cent in the first quarter of 2012. Conversely, Android mobile traffic has dropped to 37 per cent.

This is a signal for hackers to divert their attention to the market leader. Security analysts warn that iPhones and iPads could be the target of attacks. The situation is of particular concern for enterprises, who allow their employees to bring in their own devices as work tools.

Rachel Ratcliff Womack, a Vice President with the digital security firm Stroz Friedberg, believes merging the business and personal functionality is not a good idea. “It brings those two worlds together in a very convenient package for criminals to target”, she said.
Blake Turrentine, CEO of HotWAN and trainer at Black Hat, is watching closely the evolution of malware in the mobile ecosystem. When it comes to Apple devices, he advises users to upgrade to the latest iOS, which is “fairly secure.”

Source: Zscaler (registration required)