Zango ignores legal settlement

Earlier this month, we wrote that Zango, the infamous adware company, has agreed to pay $3 million to settle a suit brought by the FTC alleging that the company used bad practices to install adware to millions of computers around the world without end user knowledge and consent.

It was very good news that experts and regular users expected for years. We believed that FTC has finally put an end to illegal distribution of Zango adware, which is among the most widely spread unsolicited software.

However, it just isn’t that simple. It seems that even a legal settlement cannot stop Zango. According to Ben Edelman and Eric Howes, reputable spyware researchers, the adware maker continues to employ bad practices to distribute its applications and actually ignores a legal settlement.

In a research published yesterday, spyware experts provide the list of the key terms and requirements that Zango has violated. They also offer screenshots, videos and other clear evidences of Zango continued bad practices.

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