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SpyHunter review

SpyHunter is a highly effective spyware remover with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This program is an excellent choice for users, who are new to computers. Nevertheless, there are many security experts who recommend Spyhunter scanner not only for home users but for experienced PC experts. That's because it is a light solution, which provides a reliable protection against regular spyware and ransomware parasites, adware, browser hijackers and similar threats. It is available in two different versions, so you can download Spyhunter free or Spyhunter paid version on your computer. This option is more recommended because it is designed for advanced spyware protection, it provides the latest program updates and the ability to receive a technical support from the Spyware-Helpdesk for free. It uses an extensive spyware definitions database, which is updated on a regular basis. Currently, it contains almost 30,000 signatures of different security and privacy threats, so you can be sure that you can fix PC with Spyhunter just like with any other widespread spyware remover. No matter how hardly infected your computer is, you will have ability to download Spyhunter to your computer without a problem because this application is set to kill malicious processes before its installation.  All in all, it's a great tool for every PC user.

SpyHunter review by 2spyware research center:

According to 2spyware test results, Spyhunter can be used for identifying either traditional privacy threats, such as spyware, adware, browser hijackers and malicious toolbars, or emerging and viral parasites, including trojans, keyloggers and memory resident threats. However, it's rather a traditional anti-spyware than all-in-one solution. It works great with other antiviruses, so you can download Spyhunter even if you have already installed anti-virus program on your computer. Some might not like to have two different security tools, but, in our opinion, a combination of several powerful stand-alone tools and ability to prevent all kinds of viruses is much better than one bloated security suite. 

After opening, user sees the first Spyhunter scan. The program drops the latest version (if any updates are available) and checks the registry, running processes and web browser cookies. It thoroughly examines each of the files on each local hard drive and offers people to remove detected viruses. Spyhunter bonus is that it provides several scan modes: it can be set to scan the entire system, perform a quick scan or check user-defined locations and selected system components. After testing computer, Spyhunter free trial returns informative results and displays full paths to malicious objects detected and provides plain parasite descriptions. After that, you will be offered to remove spyware with SpyHunter and fix your computer.

So, why should I download Spyhunter?

SpyHunter is a user-friendly application, so it doesn't come with plenty of additional utilities and extra functions that most of us never use. Its graphical user interface is intuitive, attractive and very easy-to-use, so you can clearly see how Spyhunter scan engine detects and removes difficult spyware and malware that some competitive products cannot even find. If it fails to remove a virus, you can always receive a help from its Helpdesk for free.

The official web site is www.enigmasoftware.com; purchases are made via secure connection.

Some final notes:

In early 2004, SpyHunter was blamed for producing false positives and using aggressive advertising techniques. This resulted in hundreds of questionable SpyHunter reviews that have been published online. Some of them were harsh, others were simply ridiculous!

We confirm that SpyHunter was promoted aggressively by some affiliates, but all them were eventually banned by program makers in late 2004. Early SpyHunter versions had some obvious drawbacks. The product's version 2.0 resolved all these issues. Current version is

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SpyHunter spyware remover was carefully tested by 2-spyware.com research center. The review is the result of our test. If you know additional information about SpyHunter please send us the note.

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Comments on SpyHunter

I purchased and it has removed the virus that was in my computer. Thats it though. Im trying to figure out how to recover some of my pictures/files that were infected. Spy Hunter said it could help, so far nothing. It only removed the CTB Locker virus thankfully, but shows no steps to take to do anything else??????
My friends desktop was so infected with malware it was just about unusable. Ran Norton Power Eraser, Malwarebytes and another that I forget. The three of them found nothing. Spyhunter found over 1,000 including Nation Zoom. Bought and downloaded Spyhunter, problem solved.
The reviewers are correct in that Spy Hunter takes a long time, but that is only because it is so complete. Even the free Spybot and Ad-Aware programs (I believe Ad-Aware is much better than SpyBot) also take a long time for the same reason. At least one industry reviewer says Spybot only finds some 30 percent of the malware on a test computer. Ad-Aware is good, but its also free; you probably get what you you pay for.)

If your existing spyware finder is taking only a short time, it isnt doing a good job. I am also a fan of Norton 360, a rather expensive program, but its spyware system is not as good as Spy Hunter either. There may be one or two such systems that or as good or better - but, if so, I havent found those. Try any spyware system you have now; then, when youre through, run Spy Hunter. If your experience is like mine, youll probably find hundreds the others didnt find. Almost every website now downloads malware into your computer. I get hundreds in just minutes, but Spy Hunter clears them out.
Robert ONeal, Ph.D.
I currently have Norton 360, and am happy with it, but have used more spyware programs than I can recall for decades. In my opinion, Spy Hunter is the best I have used. The comments about the program being slow are valid, but theres a good reason for that. It searches the entire system (and mine is admittedly very large), and that takes time to be so complete.

If users want to test any other spyware program first, do that. Then launch Spy Hunter. If you dont find hundreds the others miss, your experience will be far different from mine.

And, as an aside, Im running Spy Hunter as I type this. It doesnt slow down my other work, although I do have some slowdown because I have "anonymous" that protects my identity; all those will slow down any computer slightly because of the various remote locations they create to protect your location.
Indeed the product does work and very well. It will find and remove things no other pgms were able to.
However, IMHO, unscrupulous advertising - Products page lists the pricing - 39.99, Reghunter 29.99, System Medic 29.95
Click "buy now" and at the very bottom of the page:
"SpyHunter is a 6 month subscription spyware detection/removal service. By making this purchase, customers agree, for their convenience, to be autorenewed every 6 months in order to receive ongoing spyware protection, definition & program updates, custom fixes to their specific spyware problems, and advanced technical support from our Spyware-Helpdesk. You will receive an e-mail notification to opt-out, if you do not wish to be autorenewed. "
Buyer Beware!
All my problems are still here. Does it ever work? I paid and have had it for 24 hours. Still same problems. No amount of scanning has helped.
Test scanned with numerous products, including Norton, and only Spyhunter 4 could eradicate malware conduit, tuguuslu, VAF--only issue so far is noticed price of Spyhunter differed. I spent 39.95 and found today could get product for 29.95. Plus there is a quarterly or semiannual fee--and not sure of the cost..have emailed several times and have yet to receive a definitive answer!
My computer was locked by the monepak virus and Spy hunter not only detected it, but it detected and removed 700 other viruses, whatever you call them that McAfee didnt even detect. No wonder my laptop was running so slow. Anyway, take it from a computer novice, it works. My laptop is up and running. And alot faster too
It really works huh?
I think Virtumonde virus showed how acalltuy vulnerable and imperfect popular antivirus suites are. People bundle their computers with loads of security programs only to find out that virtumonde feels just great in their protected systems. Self-proclaimed techies recommend to install half a dozen additional applications without giving any reasons except this might help . Somehow this makes me think that its much better to have protection AGAINST infection, rather than tools to cure virtumonde. Not specaking about registry changes it can make; sometimes it just doesnt make sense to remove the trojan because the systems is already a mess.
I had one of those terrible trojans on my system and was a ble to get it off my computer by myself but it came back about two weks later in full force. I contacted several companies like Norton anti virus. ??? I pay these people to help me and they couldnt fix my problem. I couldnt get someone on the phone at all.
After some research into the best company, I contacted Spyhunter. I can tell you my computer was F*(&%cked. The person on the pnone told me that he wouldnt get off the phone with me until my computer was fixed!!!! That proves the best support ever!! I told eveyone about you company and recomnd them to my family ands everyone. Thanks for helping me with a terible virus!!

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