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SpyHunter review

SpyHunter 4 is a highly effective malware remover with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This program is an excellent tool for both, home PC users and experienced security experts. It can be used for removing regular spyware and ransomware parasites, adware, browser hijackers, and similar unwanted programs.

There are two different versions available on the market today - SpyHunter Free and SpyHunter Registered version. The trial version is designed for scanning computer for malware. People are not required to pay before they are informed that their system is infected. However, the removal of detected parasites requires you to activate SpyHunter by purchasing the licensed version. This version provides free technical support (Spyware HelpDesk), custom virus fixes, and daily SpyHunter definitions update. Customers can submit a Support Ticket or contact SpyHunter by phone if an anti-spyware fails to detect a virus. However, it is hard to believe that someone needs this service as there are 12900 threats listed in program's threat database. If you are still bothered by the question "Can SpyHunter be trusted?", note that the software is accredited in the Checkmark Certification System of West Coast Labs which is considered a leader in custom testing. Also, there is a wide list of SpyHunter press mentions displayed in each virus description that approve that it's a reliable tool that meets everyone’s expectations.

Download SpyHunter 4

You can download SpyHunter hereThe latest program's version is SpyHunter 4. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista and XP. Mac OS users should wait for some time - we can assure you that SpyHunter for Mac is in the process of making. However, you should note that Spy Hunter for Mac is NOT related to this anti-spyware tool and its developer Enigma Software. It’s a paid game owned by Aspyr Media and spread thru various download websites.

If you want to download SpyHunter to your computer, you should keep in mind that only the official partners of Enigma Software, which is the developer of this software, can provide you with the legitimate SpyHunter 4 registration code, also known as SpyHunter key. 2spyware is one of the oldest partners of this company, which has been trusted when looking for SpyHunter activation code.

If you are interested in program cracks and, in this case, SpyHunter crack, the first thing that you should know is that it is illegal. People who use such files can be punished by police or other governmental authorities for the use of illegal software. Also, such version of SpyHunter serial can be found and blocked by the developer of the software. Finally, it can be infected with spyware and similar viruses that can lead you to additional problems. Equal recommendations can be given when discussing SpyHunter torrent files. Please, stay away them.

SpyHunter Comparison

SpyHunter vs Malwarebytes AntiMalware

SpyHunter and Malwarebytes AntiMalware are quite similar malware removers. They both offer two types of versions - free (trial) versions and paid (premium) versions. No matter that Malwarebytes is presented as a free antimalware, only its Premium version guarantees the real time protection of the system (which is paid one). People claim that this Malwarebytes causes system slows downs, so if you don’t want to sacrifice your PC’s speed to keep it safe, you should think about SpyHunter. Also, if you think that customer service is an important thing, you should think twice before installing Malwarebytes anti-malware. There are lots of disappointed customers that have received no help from its developers.
The more detailed comparison of SpyHunter and Malwarebytes anti-malware you can find here.

SpyHunter vs McAfee

SpyHunter and McAfee belong to different categories of security tools, so the smartest decision that could be made when choosing between these programs is to install both of them. By using SpyHunter 4 AND McAfee, you can expect the highest protection level as both of these programs enable two different security layers on your computer. If malware manages to slip thru the first security shield, it can hardly happen with the second one. However, if system speed is important to you, you should limit yourself to one anti-virus. As long as these programs have a very similar threat database but offer different prices for their users, SpyHunter 4 is the one that we recommend. A full comparison of SpyHunter 4 and McAfee Antivirus is provided here.

SpyHunter vs Spybot

Only several years ago SpyHunter and Spybot were considered quite similar programs from the same category - anti-spyware software. However, times change and technologies move forward every day, so you need to keep up with them to be able to convince your customers that it’s worth selecting you instead of other products. Unfortunately, but it seems that the developers of Spybot have forgotten this rule. Today, their anti-spyware seems like an out-of-date tool filled with a poor virus database and a weak spyware remover. In the meanwhile, SpyHunter presents an easy-to-use interface, a powerful scanner and an exceptional feature called Spyware HelpDesk. Even though SpyHunter does not have anti-virus functionality that was added to Spybot several years ago, it is still considered much more powerful malware remover. More details about SpyHunter and Spybot - Search & Destroy.

SpyHunter vs Webroot

Webroot is a well-known anti-virus which looks especially attractive because of its cloud-based structure helping it not to leave a visible trace on the system. Also, it offers such features as system security, identity protection, password manager, backup and so on. While some of these features cannot be found on SpyHunter, we should note that Webroot cannot be tested for free. Besides, this program may fail to detect zero-day attacks and the latest cyber threats on the system. If you have been thinking about an easy-to-use program with a huge threat database and Spyware help desk feature which helps you remove EVERY virus from your computer, you should opt for SpyHunter. Just like Webroot, this anti-spyware software is also light and does not cause system slowdowns. However, it lets you check whether your computer is infected with malware or not for free. More pros and cons of Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and SpyHunter 4.

SpyHunter vs Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a powerful anti-virus. However, if you want to prevent infiltration of potentially unwanted programs, such as browser hijackers and adware, you should use it in conjunction with SpyHunter, which is dedicated for that. Also, you may notice system slow downs from time to time when having Bitdefender on your computer what hasn't been noticed when testing SpyHunter 4.

SpyHunter vs AVG

There are lots of different opinions about AVG Antivirus. There are people who are happy using it and there are people who are very disappointed after installing this program. Beware that AVG has been used for spreading other programs in a bundle with it. This has never been done with SpyHunter. In addition, it has been asking users to install additional tools for removing detected viruses from their computers. Finally, it may cause commercial ads on your computer. If you don’t want to run into such things, you should think about other antivirus.

SpyHunter FAQ

Question: I have been looking for a reliable anti-spyware, so I made a research on the Internet and decided to download SpyHunter. Everything seems fine but my friend says that he saw lots of negative reviews related to it. Can these SpyHunter bad reviews be trusted?

Answer: It’s great that you make your research before downloading programs on computer. However, you should always keep in mind that not each of these opinions that are posted on the Internet can be trusted. There are lots of forums that belong to competitors of SpyHunter. Obviously, for seeking to increase their income, they claim that SpyHunter is a virus, rogue or similar threat. It’s NOT true. SpyHunter is a tool certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification program, which is an independent testing service. Also, this program is an OPSWAT Certified Partner, it has been mentioned on PC World, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other reputable sources.

Question: I need a program to remove a virus from my computer. I want to download SpyHunter but before doing so I want to ask you can SpyHunter be trusted just like other known security applications?

Answer: There are lots of people asking us ‘Is SpyHunter a virus?’, ‘Can SpyHunter be trusted?’ and so on. SpyHunter by Enigma Software is a legitimate program, which was tested by reputable testing service called West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification. If you have just entered a site, which claims that SpyHunter is a virus, then there is a huge possibility that it promotes a competitive program. These reviews are not professional, so you can safely ignore them.

Question: I need a free malware remover and my friend recommended SpyHunter 4 Is it free?

Answer: No, SpyHunter 4 is a paid virus remover. However, you can install its free scanner to see whether your PC is infected or not.

Question: I have a brand new computer and I am looking for anti-spyware to keep it safe. I would really like to try SpyHunter but there are lots of different opinions about it. Is SpyHunter a scam?

Answer: We receive lots of different questions about Spy Hunter is it safe, is it scam and so on. No, it’s definitely not a scam. This is a reputable malware remover created by Enigma Software. It has been presented on various download websites for more than 10 years - could a scamware last so long? Also, would it be approved by such testing services as West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification? We don’t think so..

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Comments on SpyHunter

Got this program. Scanned my system, and found numerous programs called ADWARE? Guess these programs were sending so many ads for me. Glad that Ive installed SpyHunter, because it detected all threats and removed them. Now I cannot see no more annoying ads!
This saved my computer! My McAfee did not take care of the whole problem. My laptop was screwed up. I downloaded SpyHunter and it worked! It took a while to scan my whole system but it found all kinds of stuff.I paid the fee, but it was WELL WORTH IT. My computer seems like its old self again. Yay!
its amazing with all of these parasites out there...years ago...got Antivirus 7 in my computer...downloaded one removal kit and it did nothing...downloaded Spy Hunter and it kicked its A$$...I recommend Spy Hunter for EVERYONE who has a computer...which is practically EVERYONE!!!
I purchased and it has removed the virus that was in my computer. Thats it though. Im trying to figure out how to recover some of my pictures/files that were infected. Spy Hunter said it could help, so far nothing. It only removed the CTB Locker virus thankfully, but shows no steps to take to do anything else??????
My friends desktop was so infected with malware it was just about unusable. Ran Norton Power Eraser, Malwarebytes and another that I forget. The three of them found nothing. Spyhunter found over 1,000 including Nation Zoom. Bought and downloaded Spyhunter, problem solved.
The reviewers are correct in that Spy Hunter takes a long time, but that is only because it is so complete. Even the free Spybot and Ad-Aware programs (I believe Ad-Aware is much better than SpyBot) also take a long time for the same reason. At least one industry reviewer says Spybot only finds some 30 percent of the malware on a test computer. Ad-Aware is good, but its also free; you probably get what you you pay for.)

If your existing spyware finder is taking only a short time, it isnt doing a good job. I am also a fan of Norton 360, a rather expensive program, but its spyware system is not as good as Spy Hunter either. There may be one or two such systems that or as good or better - but, if so, I havent found those. Try any spyware system you have now; then, when youre through, run Spy Hunter. If your experience is like mine, youll probably find hundreds the others didnt find. Almost every website now downloads malware into your computer. I get hundreds in just minutes, but Spy Hunter clears them out.
Robert ONeal, Ph.D.
I currently have Norton 360, and am happy with it, but have used more spyware programs than I can recall for decades. In my opinion, Spy Hunter is the best I have used. The comments about the program being slow are valid, but theres a good reason for that. It searches the entire system (and mine is admittedly very large), and that takes time to be so complete.

If users want to test any other spyware program first, do that. Then launch Spy Hunter. If you dont find hundreds the others miss, your experience will be far different from mine.

And, as an aside, Im running Spy Hunter as I type this. It doesnt slow down my other work, although I do have some slowdown because I have "anonymous" that protects my identity; all those will slow down any computer slightly because of the various remote locations they create to protect your location.
Indeed the product does work and very well. It will find and remove things no other pgms were able to.
However, IMHO, unscrupulous advertising - Products page lists the pricing - 39.99, Reghunter 29.99, System Medic 29.95
Click "buy now" and at the very bottom of the page:
"SpyHunter is a 6 month subscription spyware detection/removal service. By making this purchase, customers agree, for their convenience, to be autorenewed every 6 months in order to receive ongoing spyware protection, definition & program updates, custom fixes to their specific spyware problems, and advanced technical support from our Spyware-Helpdesk. You will receive an e-mail notification to opt-out, if you do not wish to be autorenewed. "
Buyer Beware!
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