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SpyHunter Free version vs SpyHunter Registered version

SpyHunter is one of the most effective and advanced spyware removers available on the market today. Numerous tests performed on different computers have revealed that this program has an exceptional capability to detect spyware and remove it from the affected PC system. Thanks to the built-in tool called Spyware HelpDesk, users can fix even the most affected PC systems, so there is no surprise that this program has been widely used by both, IT experts and home computer users. More information about SpyHunter Help Desk and other helpful features can be found in this review.

Nevertheless, if you decided to install SpyHunter 5 (that's the latest version of this software) you should note that its free version can be used just for scanning the computer and checking whether it's infected with malware on not. It's good when you need to try the software and check what positives or negatives it has. However, if you need to remove specific viruses from your computer, you should get the registered SpyHunter's version. You can buy it for 34.99 euro. Once you receive SpyHunter 5 registration code, it will give you an ability to use such features as free tech support, custom malware fixes and, of course, daily definition updates that are needed for preventing the newest viruses.

Download SpyHunter

As we have said, SpyHunter is a commercial product but you can try it for free by clicking on this link. This program is relatively small, so the download process shouldn't take more than few minutes. SpyHunter installation is very simple. You need just double-click on the program's executable file and you will start its downloader:

Choose the language, accept the license agreement and click on the Next button. The program will be automatically installed. To finish the installation, press the Finish button.

Scan computer with SpyHunter

To start the full system scan, you have to update SpyHunter to its latest version. This step is very important, because SpyHunter may be unable to detect and remove the latest threats without the latest updates. For that, click on the desktop icon or find SpyHunter shortcut in your start menu and click on it. You should see the main program screen. If you have just installed SpyHunter on your computer, it will start automatically. Now you should click on the Update button and you will download all necessary updates on your computer. Update SpyHunter before each system scan or at least once per week in order to keep your computer protected!

In order to start a system scan, you should press the Start New Scan button which is shown in the red box. This will start the full system scan that checks the whole system thoroughly. SpyHunter will check the Memory, Windows registry, files located on all fixed drives, running processes and cookies.

Full system scan takes a while, so be patient. Once the scan is over, you will see all malicious objects that were hiding in your computer.

Activate SpyHunter and remove malware

Once the scan is finished, you will see all detected viruses in the Threats box. You will be given not only the names of your viruses. You will also see their descriptions and similar information. To remove all these parasites and related objects, you have to activate SpyHunter. If you have already paid for this software, click the Options tab that is located on the left side menu of the SpyHunter and enter your username, which is usually the email address of the user, and your password. Now click the Activate Now button. Finally, click on the Fix Threats button and remove malware or potentially unwanted software from your computer.

If you do not wish to eliminate all detected objects, uncheck check marks of those programs that you don't want to remove. Once you click a Fix Threats button, you should see how SpyHunter is fixing your computer:

Once the program finishes its removal, it asks to restart the computer and complete the removal. That's it! You removed malware with SpyHunter from your computer!

Note: we recommend using Reimage instead of SpyHunter because of personal reasons.
If you really need SpyHunter - download here

Note: we recommend using Reimage instead of SpyHunter because of personal reasons.
If you really need SpyHunter - download here

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Problem diagnosis program Happiness
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What to do if failed?
If you failed to remove virus damage using Reimage, submit a question to our support team and provide as much details as possible.
Reimage is a recommended tool to scan your system for possible threats and crappy software. The trial version of the product will find harmful applications in your system.

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