Apple introduced new tools: important features for companies and users

Could Apple expand to interactive experience technologies? The answer is yes, potentially


During the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) company showed continuing interest in the field of augmented reality (AR). Apple presented several, never seen before augmented reality tools which could be perceived as a positive sign for those who still believe that Apple will soon make waves in the augmented or virtual reality field.

While Apple never officially confirmed potential expansion to interactive technology tools, speculations were circulating for a while stating that the release of augmented reality headsets could happen even this year. On the other hand, according to Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the long-rumored AR headset will be launched in the second quarter of 2022, which could mean that the headset will make an appearance with next year’s iPhones[1].

However, Apple definitely isn't the only one interested in expansion to virtual tools and technologies. It is stated that Facebook, Snap, and Microsoft are currently working on similar projects and are expecting to release devices that could understand the world around them and display information in front of the user’s eyes[2].


In order to succeed, Apple has to come up with reasons for people to use potential new tools. Apps like Mail or YouTube or even mobile Safari browsers could be the starting point of the new era. As of right now, Apple remains secretive about future plans within the augmented or virtual reality field.[3] However, longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster promises that this year, and maybe even next year’s WWDC event, will amount to calm before an Apple innovation storm in the future.

What did we learn from WWDC? Improved tools, 3D, and innovative sound technology

During the week-long WWDC event, Apple presented more than one new tool that could become the object of public interest soon enough. According to, one of the main news presented at the conference was software that could help users create 3D models which are essential factors in AR.[4]

Software called Object Capture is a smart choice as it isn't an app, more like a whole technology that allows the camera to take photographs and stitch them into a 3D model. For now, this model will be used with Object Capture but later, it could be incorporated into other software, like Unity – software for more advanced and experienced users.[5]

AR tools used in Maps

Apple also presented RealityKit 2 – a set of software tools that could be useful for the creation of AR experiences. However, besides already discussed Object Capture, RealityKit2 doesn't present anything big and rather keeps focus on small improvements like rendering options and player-controlled characters.

Lastly, ARKit 5 was presented – a set of software tools for making AR experiences. For anyone interested in companies' expansion to the virtual and augmented reality world ARKit is nothing new. This year's software is the fifth version of the product that originally came out in 2017. This new version focuses on the user's experience and presents a new feature called “location anchors” which could help users independently program AR experience and peg it in certain locations, like London or New York. This addition could be a big step towards AR integration into Apple Maps.

AR tools

Apple lays the foundation for a future in the AR field

As of right now, it is unclear when Apple will make a big turn towards the innovative but packed and competitive field of AR. These new additions and tools aren't directly tied to augmented reality and it seems that with this choice, the company is playing safe and testing the wate

AR users and Apple lovers could be intrigued by the possible new abilities and when a rumored headset or full AR software will be launched, Apple will already have a loyal audience of consumers.

However, to really make waves within the AR field Apple needs to come up with strong statements and even stronger, innovative ideas. AR is a hot topic in today's world of technologies and more than enough players have already invested their millions into the integrated reality world. It means that even Apple needs to work hard to impress the spoiled and demanding audience.

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