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"Likes to teach users about virus prevention"

Biography of Alice Woods

Alice Woods is the News Editor at 2-spyware. She has been sharing her knowledge and research data with 2spyware readers since 2014.

Here, in 2spyware, Alice is responsible for investigating and analyzing the latest cyber threats, including ransomware viruses, tech support scams and similar malware. Mostly, she instructs users about the prevention of the recent malware and its removal techniques.

She is willing to use her expertise to help users protect themselves online and avoid dangers that are lurking on each corner of the World Wide Web. However, her experience has also been helping her to instruct people on how could they eliminate all the damage caused by potentially unwanted programs and viruses.

Obviously, Alice is not a huge fan of computer viruses. During her free time, she likes going to dance classes, visiting her friends and traveling. 

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Posts published by Alice Woods

Everbe 2.0 ransomware fix

Everbe 2.0 ransomware - a hazardous virus which can be recognized by encrypted files and a specific ransom message. More
Ransomware Viruses   July 19, 2018  

Terminate Win Speedup 2018

Win Speedup 2018 is a bogus program that urges users to purchase its licensed version. More
Adware Viruses   July 18, 2018  

Is Bridge.inf a safe file?

Bridge.inf is a file that can host malicious programs. Bridge.inf file is a setup information file typically associated with malware. More
Files Spyware related   July 17, 2018  

Kill Foobaroo.com

Foobaroo - a potentially unwanted program which promotes FooSearch in a bundle. More
Stealing programs Viruses   July 16, 2018  

Uninstalling RotorCrypt ransomware virus

RotorCrypt is ransomware virus that has been receiving new updates since 2016. More
Ransomware Viruses   July 16, 2018  

Uninstall Cloudfront

Cloudfront - Amazon-related service that has been misused by hackers. More
Adware Viruses   July 13, 2018  

AresCrypt ransomware removal guide

AresCrypt ransomware is a virus that is promoted as a unique project with educational purposes. More
Ransomware Viruses   July 13, 2018  

VSDC video editor website hacked for the third time this year

VSDC Video Editor team suffers from the attack causing redirects on their main website. More
News Security   July 12, 2018  

Fake adult video sites are pushing adware-related apps

Adult sites with fake media players are spreading virus-filled programs. More
News Security   July 09, 2018  

Delete RevServicesX

RevServicesX is a Trojan Horse that is used to mine cryptocurrency without users' permission. More
Trojans Viruses   July 09, 2018  

Terminate CryptoGod ransomware virus

CryptoGod is a ransomware that is targeting Italian-speaking users. More
Ransomware Viruses   July 09, 2018  

How to remove Letitbefaster.world virus

Letitbefaster.world - an ad-supported program which displays MacKeeper ads and similar content. More
Adware Viruses   July 08, 2018  
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