Hi! I’m not sure what this is. A friend of mine’s phone has been acting up for more than 2 weeks. Her wallpaper will change from a picture of her kids to something she has never seen before. Her texts will disappear as she is reading them. Contacts will appear or disappear from her phone. Calls she makes will ring several times and then go to voicemail like normal but the person she called never receive the call. She took it to a friend of hers that used to work in Best Buy’s Geek Squad and after connecting her phone to her computer, he found that somehow my phone has administrative rights over her phone. She cant change any settings at all in her phone. She at one time had put her google account in my phone and had used my email address as a recovery option for her Google account. She also has a fingerprint in my phone as an unlock option for my phone. We have contacted Samsung, Straighttalk, Verizon, LG, and anyone else we could think of to get this resolved. We tried to contact Google but could never get an actual human customer rep. Please help?? We dont know what else to do.