I’m trying to delete a piece of malware called Driver Tonic from my Windows 10 system. Don’t know where I got it, but it wants me to buy the app, which is stupid for a driver updater, since we can get those for free and I have one. When I try to uninstall DT from Settings, it tells me that “an Administor” has blocked the removal. But I’m the administrator and I haven’t blocked anything. I googled “how to delete Driver Tonic” and was taken to a few sites that suggested I download and use the free “SpyHunter 5”, which I did–and ran like 4-5 times, with no results. Now I can’t remove SpyHunter 5 either. It begins to uninstall, then stops at 66.7%.
Can anyone help me? I’d be eternally grateful!

I saw where 2-spyware.com (this very site) recommended using an anti-spyware & security app called “ReImage” (Re-Image) to get rid of Driver Tonic. So I downloaded a free copy and ran it, and then coughed up the $30 they said would be needed to get the full cleaning power of ReImage even though I couldn’t afford it, but it was still a no go. ReImage did get rid of Spymaster 5, but that damned Driver Tonic is still there, shooting pop-ups every 20 minutes or so. Attempts to uninstall bring up a box saying that an Administrator had blocked my removal of DT, but I’m still the only administrator….