Gee, I appreciate all of you enormously. Today was CyberMonday and, like all American red-blooded women, I was shopping. Start at Amazon. And, out of the blue this pesky pop-up was ‘happening’ constantly! GGggrrrr! Made note of the name of this pest (weDownloadManagerPro) Well, I did it all. Ran my anti-virus software. Started googling to find out how to delete this ugly bug. Uninstalled my precious Firefox and downloaded a fresh copy. Reinstalled it. Long and short (although it’s now 2:30A, so it has been anything but ‘short’!) of this is:
I FOUND YOU! And, your direction are SOOOO RIGHT ON! I followed them implicitly for first, IE (which I hate), then Firefox (which I love) … and just when I was about to give up, THERE IT WAS! I deleted it and I’m all good now, thanks to each of you!