Stay safe online - 2018-05-28

Hospital pays $55k during ransomware attack

Criminals hacked into the network of Hancock Health and demanded to pay $55k. More
News Security   January 17, 2018  

RubyMiner malware exploits Windows and Linux for cryptocurrency mining

Outdated Windows and Linux servers are targeted by RubyMiner malware. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 16, 2018  

Fake Meltdown and Spectre patches deliver Smoke Loader malware

Hackers distribute fake Spectre and Meltdown patches to infect computers with Smoke Loader malware. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 15, 2018  

Kotlin-based Android malware discovered in Google Play Store

First Android malware created in open-source programming language Kotlin detected in Google Play Store. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 12, 2018  

WhatsApp flaw might let joining group chats without permission

WhatsApp security vulnerability detected: new members might be added to group chats without admin’s permission. More
News Security   January 11, 2018  

Facebook Messenger video malware hits people in Singapore

"This video is yours?" Facebook message links to malware-laden site. More
News Spam and phishing   January 10, 2018  

Blackberry site was compromised with Monero-mining malware

Reddit user finds a Coinhive script added to the Blackberry's site code. More
News Security   January 09, 2018  

WannaCry NHS cyber attack hero is accused of creating Kronos malware

British hero's lawyers claim that the confession was coerced . More
News Security   January 08, 2018  

New year brings new versions of CryptoMix ransomware

Developers of CryptoMix came back with Tastylock and Server ransomware versions. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 05, 2018  

New Android malware steals Uber credentials

Uber users are in danger again. Only a month ago, Uber users and drivers learned that their privacy might be put at risk due to the massive data breach.More
News Viruses and parasites   January 04, 2018  

Top 5 most annoying scams of 2018

Scammers are not going to leave you alone this year. Scams continue growing and causing more problems for computer users.More
News Security   January 03, 2018  

Criminals hacked point-of-sale terminals of Forever 21

Hackers broke into Forever 21's servers and stole customers' data. More
News Security   January 02, 2018  

4 ways to protect your Facebook account from hackers

Facebook viruses are on the rise. Since a new Monero-mining malware called Digmine spreads via Facebook messenger, users should be aware of the ways how to protect their accounts.More
News Security   December 30, 2017  

The best anti-malware software of 2018

Choosing the best anti-malware software for 2018 is a must. More
News Security   December 29, 2017  

What to do if your computer is secretly mining cryptocurrency

Stealth cryptocurrency mining can significantly deteriorate your computer's performance. More
News Security   December 28, 2017  
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