Cyber criminals shoot their daggers at Dailymotion – 85 million accounts hacked

After Locky virus had invaded the social network, it is no surprise that crooks quickly found a new target – Dailymotion. According to approximate calculations, more than 85,2 million usernames and email accounts fell into the hands of gearheads. Unfortunately, the officials do not rush to notify Dailymotion users about such privacy infringement. The very hijack operation was suspected to have taken place on October 20. Half a month has passed but no official reports about the data breach have been registered. If you also used the services of such video streaming service, make a rush to change your password. Perhaps the hackers obtained your login data as well?

The numbers of the latter data leak are surely astounding. Social media presents a slightly rounded off number of hacked accounts. According to the data of Leakedsource, 87,610,750 accounts were corrupted during this cyber assault [1]. Luckily, the admins of latter domain spotted the leak and shed light on the matter to warn users while the representatives of Dailymotion prefer staying silent. Among the hacked accounts, 18,2 million of them contained passwords. Looking on the positive side, the number is not as high as the overall number of hacked accounts. However, such cyber attack highly profited the crooks as they gained valuable knowledge about prevalent passwords. Specialists guess that due to the link between accounts and their respective passwords, Dailymotion users happened to suffer the main force of the attack.

Unfortunately, this video database, which seconds Youtube on the scale of popularity, has been already attacked several times in the past. Some might recall when in 2014 the domain was compromised for misleading users to the malignant websites. The crooks modified the web page by implanting a code redirecting to the corrupted domains which contained exploit kits. At that time, the attack resulted in a partial shutdown of the website. Officials of the domain officially confirmed the attack and advised the virtual community to stay vigilant. However, in this case, such silence sparks many speculations. In any case, whether you managed to escape the reverberating effects of such massive cyber attack or, unfortunately, became a victim, clean your device from any possible threats with a reliable security application. Lastly, develop a habit changing passwords for your accounts every two months or more frequently if necessary.

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