Epic Games forums hacked again: info of more than 800k accounts has been leaked

A gaming giant Epic Games, famous for developing games Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade and Gears of War, suffered a massive data breach again. The hackers stole more than 800,000 accounts from the Unreal Engine and Epic Games forums. Currently, hackers are trying to sell the stolen data on the black market.

LeakedSource.com claim that the leaked data includes usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords, IP addresses, birthdates, Facebook access tokens of the users who log in with their Facebook accounts, private messages, comments, join dates and other activity obtained from both of these forums. After this accident, Epic Games published a statement, announcing that their VBulletin forums were compromised. They also claim that hackers were unable to steal any passwords because the company stores them on another server, so there is no need for the users to change them.

Unfortunately, Epic Games do not have such good news for the players of Infinity Blade, UDK, Unreal Tournament games, and Gears of War. It is possible that the hackers have accessed their passwords, email addresses, and other information. For those who were active on these forums since July 2015, the company recommends changing their passwords immediately. They also urge the users to go through all of their accounts which may use the same password and change it as well.

Finally, in their statement, the Epic Games assure that they do not believe that other related forums such as Paragon, Fortnite, Shadow Complex, and SpyJinx could have been affected. However, if you feel the need to change your passwords, you should do it. We strongly recommend you to create a strong and unique password that consists of letters, numbers or other symbols. The password should not include your name, surname or any other personal information. For your own safety, do not use the same passwords for all of your logins. Instead, create unique and strong passwords for every individual account.

The gaming giant still hasn’t confirmed how the hackers managed to get access to Epic Games database. According to some versions online, the hackers might have taken advantage of SQL injection vulnerability. During the past year, it is the second time when Epic Game forums have been hacked. Back then, the company has put the blame on an outdated vBulletin installation. At the moment, Epic Game forums are placed under the maintenance mode, while this recent incident is being investigated.

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