Fortect releases new extension for browsing protection

Online security with Fortect Browsing Protection

Fortect releases new extension for browsing protectionWeb browsing security is taken to the next level by Fortect

Fortect[1] is a relatively new but fast-growing cybersecurity player. While not marketed as an antivirus, it is a prominent provider of Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization, collaborating closely with the security community to seamlessly complement existing security solutions.

Fortect has an outstanding Virus lab manned by the greatest engineers in the industry, with a combined total of 35 years of experience. Their expertise ranges from PC utility software to virus detection, culminating in their flagship product, a Windows Downloadable EXE for system optimization and protection. The latest innovation, the Fortect Browsing Protection extension,[2] was recently introduced to further increase user security.

This innovative browser extension combines sophisticated detection technologies, robust cloud protection, and cutting-edge machine learning approaches to elevate web browsing security. Unlike standard antivirus software, which just protects the device, Fortect Online Protection extends its shield to secure the entire online experience.

Your browsing experience with smart features

Fortect Browsing Protection provides customers with a complete collection of intelligent protection capabilities that improve the security of their web surfing experience without sacrificing simplicity and ease of use.

Push notifications control

With the extension, you may avoid the frequent nuisance of push notification requests when online. It blocks annoying notifications, allowing users to browse in peace. As distractions and interruptions fade away, users can have a more smooth online experience, eliminating the need to repeatedly dismiss annoying messages.

Extension defense

The necessity of having a clean and secure browser cannot be stressed as online threats increase. Cybercriminals routinely use browser extension vulnerabilities[3] to inject malware and gain access to user data. By continuously monitoring all installed extensions, Fortect Browsing Protection provides a proactive way to safeguard your surfing experience. The extension discovers and neutralizes potentially hazardous extensions by diligent detection, providing a strengthened defense against potential threats.

Dynamic threat detection

The extension's initial scan swiftly eliminates any active risks, laying a solid security foundation. Fortect Browsing security shields online experiences from the current and ever-changing threats by providing continuous real-time security. Users may comfortably explore the web with this enhanced protection in place, knowing that their safety is being diligently secured against any dangers.

Intuitive dashboard

The extension's user-friendly dashboard allows users to adjust and manage their security settings based on their personal preferences. This level of personalization provides consumers with peace of mind and confidence because they have complete control over their browsing safety.

Detailed reports and logs

The extension provides users with detailed reports and logs. These useful insights provide users with a comprehensive picture of the dangers that the extension has effectively mitigated. Users can acquire a better idea of the extension's performance and stay ahead of potential concerns with this detailed information.

A powerful ally in online security

In the face of today's ever-present risks in the digital landscape, Fortect Browsing Protection appears as a powerful ally in the domain of online security. While current browsers have made progress in improving their built-in security capabilities, this extension adds an extra layer of protection developed expressly to improve users' browsing experience.

Fortect Browsing Protection, unlike typical antivirus software, intelligently finds and stops harmful behaviors while also doing an initial scan to discover and solve existing vulnerabilities that may damage browser performance or expose sensitive information.

The browser extension is notable for its ability to counteract annoying push notifications while protecting user privacy and preventing data leaks. Furthermore, the extension's dedication to extension security allows users to track and manage installed extensions, increasing transparency and making it easier to identify and disable potentially malicious ones. This multimodal strategy not only protects against malware but also serves as a useful tool for detecting previous data breaches.

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