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If you landed on this page, that means your computer is infected. Fortunately, you came to the right place because here, in 2-spyware, we do our best to help people fight against malware. Our team consists of highly qualified security professionals who have been spreading the knowledge about computer viruses for more than 12 years. Our primary goal is to warn users about the latest malware, show them the easiest and the least time-consuming virus removal solutions, and recommend the most powerful security software.

I’m infected, help me!

If you are infected, the first thing you need to do is to identify the virus because different viruses act differently and require different removal methods. Are your files blocked? Can you see a warning message on your screen? Have you been suffering from annoying redirects on your browser or been interrupted by misleading ads? To know what are you dealing with, please, go to Malware category. It includes all groups of viruses, including Ransomware, Adware, Browser Hijackers, Rogue anti-spyware, Trojans and other threats. After selecting the right group, you will find detailed information about your problem, its prevention and removal methods.

Can’t name your virus? Nowadays, virus developers use various methods to hide their infections on the system, so there is no surprise that malware removal issues come up. In this case, you have two options: you can either contact 2-spyware researchers or install recommended security software and get rid of whatever is inside your computer automatically. If you want to ask us about your infected computer, you can do that with the help of Ask us section. Our tech experts will do their best to solve your computer issues you as soon as possible. Please, note that the answer may reach you after several days or more if you leave your question to us during the weekend. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that we will identify your virus and will try to adjust the best removal method.

I need antispyware software!

If you don’t have much time to discuss your problem or if you think that you are not experienced in virus removal, you need a tool to help you with this case. The quick step that you can take is to check our Anti-spyware comparison that reveals the best anti-spyware programs and their capabilities. If you are interested in getting more information about each of these products, click “review” to find out more.

To see what free anti-spyware tools were labeled by our security professionals as the most effective ones, you need to go to our Comparison of free spyware removers. However, you would like to remind you that “free” does not guarantee a full malware removal. The full list of products recommended by 2-spyware experts is provided in Software category that consists of all categories of malware removal tools, such as anti-spyware software, PC optimization tools, anti-viruses and similar programs.

I want to learn more!

New viruses are detected each day, so the database of 2-spyware never stops growing. To prevent malware in the future, we would like to encourage you to keep visiting our site. Here, you will find the latest security news and technology-related articles. They will let you know about the emerging virus attacks, vulnerabilities and other dangers or news of tech world. Also, the site gives you an opportunity to read detailed descriptions of viruses that belong to Adware, Browser hijacker, Ransomware, Trojans and similar categories. Each description is filled with screenshots, the most exclusive virus features, and removal guides. Finally, you will get an opportunity to spot malicious files among the safe-to-use ones by monitoring System files category. constantly.