Good news for the ransomware victims: ApocalypseVM decrypter has been released

Through the last couple of years, ransomware viruses have proven to be one of the most active computer infections. You may have already heard about the notorious Locky and CryptoWall viruses which have extorted millions of dollars from the users worldwide. We have to remind you that ransomware is a type of program that encrypts the data on the victim’s computers using a complex cipher and prevents access to this data unless the victim pays to the ransomware creators. Luckily, the computer security professionals often manage to decontaminate these viruses before they cause major havoc on the users computers. Apocalypse virus is one of such lucky decryption examples.

Apocalypse started out as a typical ransomware program, but soon its developers noticed that its encryption is not strong enough. They released a new version of the software rebranding it as ApocalypseVM. The main principle of this new ransomware is virtually the same as the originals. It scans the computer for important data and adds .encrypted or .locked extensions to the encrypted files. The virus also drops additional files featuring data recovery instructions. However, what differs in this version is that it uses VMProtect software protection to obfuscate its detection and removal from the infected computer. With this new feature, the ransomware creators expected their product to be unbreakable. Nevertheless, recently, the cyber security experts outsmarted the hackers again. Emsisoft has released a decryption tool allowing the users to decode their encrypted files and recover them without having to pay the ransom. You can download Decrypter for ApocalypseVM from the official Emsisoft website.

When you decrypt the files, do not forget to get rid of the virus itself. Otherwise, the virus may lock the data again, and all your efforts will be in vain. For the virus removal, we recommend using FortectIntego, a professional anti-malware utility used and appreciated by numerous users worldwide.

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