New Google‘s Backup and Sync feature helps to backup files easily

The importance of backup has been long discussed in the online media. Even if you have not taken this matter seriously, it is high time you did so. The virus world is booming so users should look for alternative options to secure their highly important files.

They might do so by backing up their system image inside the operating system, or secure copies in a portable device or store the copies in a cloud-based online vault. Thus, Google might meet all your expectations with the long anticipated Backup & Sync.

Cloud-based backup services are getting more popular

What’s a big fuss?

If you are already aware of backup services, you might be one of those who are anxiously waiting for the release of the new Backup and Sync feature. In contrast to the already existent dozens of online backup services, the invention will allow users to customize the backup process.

Netizens will be able not only to separate backup folders but, in fact, make and store the copies of the entire PC device. Another key advantage is that it offers an easy manual which is considered to be a huge benefit for netizens who are not used to different backup services.

Thirdly, Backup and Sync will be integrated into Google Drive. Thus, if some of the files are already present on the drive, you will not need to restructure the files again.

Google Backup and Sync is coming soon

The long-awaited feature is expected to hit the Web on June 28th[1]. While it is still under development, firstly, G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users will experience the benefits of this tool.[2]

Despite how perfect this feature may seem, there are also certain downsides. At the moment, Google Drive offers only 15GB free storage. Depending on how much valuable data you have, this capacity might be too small or of sufficient size. Netizens looking for bigger storage might opt for paid services – $10/ month for 100GB or pay 100 dollars a month for 100TB.

All in all, the necessity of securing your valuable files is becoming more relevant. The properly secured copies will help you escape the role a ransomware victim or restore files after an unexpected system crash.

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