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MyCleanerPC is a simplistic, lightweight on-demand spyware scanner and remover. It does not implement real-time protection, does not provide any additional tools or advanced features. The program offers only the very basic set of functions, which allow detecting and eliminating some well-known parasites. In simple phrase, MyClenerPC is too simple to effectively protect the system from emerging threats and save user privacy.

The application scans the system for tracking web browser cookies and known spyware and adware parasites, which signatures are included in its definitions database. System scans are quite reliable and fast – they usually take only 3-5 seconds! However, the scan time is not a sign of quality and effectiveness here. MyCleanerPC does not check any suspicious files, registry keys or processes, which aren’t in its database. This means that the program is absolutely helpless against unknown malware, viral parasites and sophisticated threats. Furthermore, scan reports lack not only parasite description, but also exact location of detected pests. Because of this it is virtually impossible to determine whether MyCleanerPC finds and correctly identifies all the pest’s components or only a few of them.

In our tests MyCleanerPC showed rather unhopeful results. During the test taken on a badly infected machine the program managed to recognize only two parasites and a few tracking cookies. Among the parasites were only well-known, relatively old threats like SaveU SaveNow and Surf SideKick. More recent risks such as SpyFalcon or different widely spread infections have not been detected at all.

The program’s interface is very simple, but yet convenient and easy to use.

The demo version can remove parasites 10 times for free. After that it will refuse to remove any malware and start asking the user to register and purchase the full product.

The official web site is Purchases are made using secure connection.

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