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Pocket KillBox, or simply KillBox, is a tiny, but priceless utility designed for terminating harmful processes, deleting malicious files and folders containing malware. It’s not a front-end for standard Windows functions, but a unique tool utilizing special methods for wiping out difficult parasites.

Pocket KillBox is able to delete any file and any process, even if they are locked by the operating system or active parasites and cannot be removed normally. Some spyware-related files cannot be removed even in Safe Mode. They continuously run malicious processes that, once terminated, manage to come back. Pocket KillBox easily deals with such objects.

The program has a simple, user-friendly interface. The user types in the full path of the file he wants to delete and clicks on the Delete file button (one with a red cross on it). That’s it – Pocket KillBox takes care of everything else.

However, even this utility sometimes fails. In such case the user can set Pocket KillBox to delete or replace specified files on system reboot. This usually works, as the tool runs before malicious files get chance to start any processes.

The tool is absolutely free. It also provides free regular updates.

The official web site is www.killbox.net. One of the trusted sites distributing Pocket KillBox is www.bleepingcomputer.com/files/killbox.php.

Please note that Pocket KillBox is not a full-scale spyware remover. It is a stand-alone tool that removes only specified files and therefore cannot replace advanced anti-spyware product.

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