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Spyware Terminator is a free anti-spyware program, which stands out against other less known spyware removers in quite effective real-time protection and useful additional tools. The application passed most our tests and revealed good results.

Spyware Terminator scans the Windows registry, running processes, essential system components and the entire file system. The user can choose between three scan modes. Fast Scan checks only known spyware locations, but doesn’t take more than one minute. Full Scan allows to thoroughly examine the entire system including unknown files and related objects found on all hard drives. It checks a regular modern system in less than 15 minutes. Custom Scan can be used to specify what system components and locations to analyze. All scan reports are detailed and well informative. Spyware Terminator uses regularly updated malware definitions database.

The program implements real-time protection based on an engine monitoring running applications, active services, startup registry keys, file associations, system configuration files, current web browser settings and loaded plug-ins. The real-time monitor can block the installation of dangerous parasites and unsolicited software, prevent browser hijacks and unauthorized system modification.

The application also offers several useful utilities including System Restoration, File Analysis and File Removal. The first tool allows to create special checkpoints that should help recovering the compromised system. The second one likens Spyware Terminator to common antivirus software – it analyzes specified files and provides detailed reports on them. File Removal can be used to delete files that cannot be removed in an ordinary way, as they are always in use or locked by the system. Other Spyware Terminator’s functions are Scheduler, Quarantine and Ignore List.

The program’s interface is clean and plain, but yet attractive enough.

It should be noted that Spyware Terminator is made by Crawler company, which distributes Crawler Toolbar, an Internet Explorer add-on that some security experts identify as trackware, as it (or at least some of its versions) was developed by IBIS company, makers of the infamous IBIS Toolbar. Nevertheless, Crawler Toolbar is not spyware, adware or a browser hijacker. Its recent versions are legitimate.

Domains associated with the product are spywareterminator.com and spyterm.com.

Spyware Terminator snapshot
Spyware Terminator snapshotSpyware Terminator snapshot
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