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System Spyware Interrogator (SSI) is an advanced security tool, which primary objective is searching for malware tracks in the system. This program is not a typical spyware remover, as it does not eliminate any parasites it finds. However, it is simply not supposed to. SSI is a free application designed for experienced users able to remove parasites manually.

We have carefully tested the program on several computers including absolutely clean machines and PCs infected with different parasites. SSI did not produce false positives, and identified some preinstalled malware. However, it didn't find any widely spread parasites like SpyFalcon or Surf SideKick. This shows that SSI is much better in deep system inspection than common spyware removal. It definitely cannot be used as main anti-spyware program.

SSI checks the Windows registry, running processes, some files and folders for known malware, which signatures are in the SSI's online database. The application does not check every file, but searches only for known malicious components of predefined types – malicious browser plugins, parasite-related startup entries, harmful ActiveX controls, etc. System scan takes up to 4 minutes. After the scan is over, the program displays the results using a web browser. The user is presented with parasite names and some of their details. However, SSI does not provide any removal information, as the removal process is a paid procedure.

It must be noted that SSI does not install any spyware definitions database. It uses an online database instead. This database is used during the system scan – the program compares suspicious objects with database entries. This makes SSI independent from frequent updates. However, this also makes scans useless, if there is no Internet connection available.

Unlike quite ineffective spyware scans, other SSI functions are very powerful and helpful. The program can inspect system memory providing the full list of processes and modules they use. This allows the user to determine whether an unknown or suspicious process is safe or malicious. Furthermore, SSI provides the ADS Scanner that enables searching for sophisticated malware, which even popular spyware removers cannot detect. Another useful tool is the integrated HijackThis Analyzer, which analyzes user HijackThis logs and provides quite reliable results. Another SSI utility is the Internet Connection. This small utility allows monitoring current Internet connections. This can help advanced users to investigate any unauthorized connections and intrusion attempts. Yet another tool SSI offers is the File Researcher. It allows the user to enter details of a certain file and research this file online. Once the report is sent, the user receives reliable information on the suspicious file.

The program's interface is simple and quite convenient. However, since SSI needs to be connected to the Internet, it suffers from connection losses and slowdowns. This means that the program freezes from time to time.

The official web site is The user can purchase additional removal functionality online.

Still and all, System Spyware Interrogator is not a full-scale spyware remover. It is rather an additional utility for inspecting the system. We recommend using SSI only along with the powerful commercial anti-spyware program.

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