The ever-evolving digital age affects the rate of cybercrimes

New technologies can be dangerous and cybercrimes reached another level

What new technology does to security?Advanced technology helps and ruins things in cybersecurity because hackers evolve too

The growth of cyber attacks, breaches, hacks and the evolvement of malware is consistent with the growth of the new technology. New gadgets and security measures get advanced to have the ability to detect security issues and infections before they happen. Protection online is becoming crucial nowadays.

When almost all the money is digitized, we buy, sell, invest in electronic places to save time and energy. That's why we can collaborate globally. People have more opportunities if they learn these newest technologies and know how to communicate with people who have different cultures, languages. It’s hard to live if you don't learn every day and don't find like-minded people.

Digitalization has its own pluses and cons.[1] Many people trust the internet, they are investing money, think that bank accounts are safe, and you can manage all your money online. It is not as easy or as safe to rely on internet shopping too.[2] Sometimes the photo in the online store doesn't match the real view when you receive that item. You never know 100 percent if it is safe or not. That's why you must be cautious online every minute.

Hacker activities in the corporate world and cyber espionage

Security breaches of organizations have involved hacker exploitation of employees, social engineering methods, scams. Technology advancements helo hackers to be more skilled at finding vulnerabilities and cracks in cybersecurity of the organization systems, so access to protected systems can be gained easily. Spear phishing is one of the methods successfully used by attackers.

Threat actors and state-sponsored attackers can target ransom people and seek access to systems of important targets with spear-phishing campaigns. These emails or messages can also result in huge monetary gains from these criminals. Such emails can appear as coming from emails from other colleagues or important senders, so cybercriminals trick people into revealing personal information or installing malware that hijackers process on the machine or even network.

Hackers even turn activities and do things for political or social reasons., These criminals can take practice to the next level by accessing large websites where visitors can access various information and change the content to their own information. Large companies are at higher risk due to the number of viewers.

All these issues come from the fact that data becomes more digital. Almost everything is digital these days. Password protection or no protection most of the information is stored on shared networks. Hackers can access such data by obtaining access to the network. Obtaining valuable information can be useful in many ways for the attacker.

That also is happening with money when cryptocurrency became more popular and exchange, NFTs, other crypto businesses rose to popularity. Certain security measures can be put into place for protection, but there are still various cracks and exploitable flaws in every system and implemented security precautions.

Cyber attacks and threats evolving as well as the security measures

REvil ransomware group was closed its shop after the attack on Kaseya that caused thousands of victims on July 4.[3] There were a lot of talks about attacks originating from Russian soil. But officials have denied any involvement REvil's disappearance in July.

That means this criminal group is big, powerful, and no one can stop that. Security researchers confirmed that much of the group infrastructure was back online.[4] It is one of the many ransomware groups relying on double and triple extortion methods since cybersecurity measures cripple their initial ransom demand methods.[5] It brings more risks and danger to users and corporation data and money.

New technologies bring new criminal tools and methods. Information collected separately from several attacks deployed by the new Meris botnet, showed a striking force of more than 30,000 devices. That means we have to look carefully before buying any device, using software, or even trusting official sources for apps and software online.

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