Will AVG and Avast merger benefit the virtual community?

Perhaps it was big news for some users after finding out that two anti-virus giants. Avast and AVG, would join forces. The two merger was announced in July when Avast agreed to buy its previous competitor in cyber security, AVG, for more than 1,3 billion USD dollars. The head official assures that the joining forces would not only benefit the companies enlarging their investment capacities, but it would, undoubtedly, have a positive impact on an ordinary user helping him to battle daily viruses. All this might seem fine and dandy. However, new changes bring new challenges.

Some speculate that Avast, the largest company providing free anti-virus services as well as premium editions, decided to sail into bigger waters after realizing how rapidly the population of its customers has been growing. The company might have already boasted about its 400 million users and clients all around the world. However, there are not many competitors if we take to account free anti-virus tools. The only worthy opponent was AVG company also attracting new customers. Interestingly, these corporate entities were founded in the Czech Republic. Likewise, after the former company launched Avast Mobile security, the number of new clients has multiplied enormously. Thus, the idea of reaching farther horizons in online security turned out to be a driving force for the company to make a move. According to Vince Steckler, Chief Executive Officer of Avast Software, the new merger will grant the company the access to many more users and their technical data. It means that the capabilities to improve their cyber security products will significantly expand.

AVG and Avast joins forces

Those, who were used to using AVG production, should not worry. According to the CEO, both clients of these companies will be able to continue using the brands. The major update is anticipated in January in 2017. Users of both companies will be presented with new features while the core security engine remains the same. Nonetheless, the new changes might not bring positive expectations for everyone. With two companies merging, there will be multiple job losses. What is more, until the companies manage to regulate and stabilize the juncture process, hackers might exploit the temporary confusion for their personal profit. Their intrusion might definitely influence the virtual community.

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