Windows 11 reportedly has many issues even before the official release

Six months before the official release, and Windows 11 version is full of bugs and technical failures upon the preview version release

Windows 11 already causes problemsThe release of the new OS is in six months, but major issues reveal themselves already.

On June 28th, Microsoft has released an early version of widely discussed and awaited Windows 11. However, as the fresh new version reached members of the Microsoft Windows Insider Program, users quickly pointed out the number of bugs and continuing issues that seem to be an inseparable part of the new operating system.

Among the long list of issues within this new version of Windows, the most prominent were faulty PC Health Check App and problems with installing language packs. As Microsoft has pulled the PC Health Check app and explained that the company would continue to improve the app, some other issues seem to be more permanent and hard to fix[1].

As Windows 11 approaches the launch date, which is expected to be during the holiday season of 2021, continuing issues before the version is even released could be a huge red flag for Microsoft. The company puts a lot of effort into bettering the system and focusing on a more pleasurable user experience and security due to Windows being the favorite target for malware and ransomware purveyors[2].

Health Check app and language pack install major but far from only system's fails

As the new version of Windows is expected to launch this year, many users want to know if their PC will upgrade. For that reason, the importance of the PC Health Check app is enormous as it allows people to see whether their system meets Windows 11 requirements.

However, the problem with the app is that sometimes it shows a false failure, meaning it says a system won't upgrade to Windows 11 even though it is simply not true. As the app doesn't present any reasons why the computer won't be able to upgrade, it causes confusion and frustration.

A similar issue emerges with language pack installation as some users cannot continue with the installation process because the system requires updating language packs first. Apparently, this language function is important as it allows anyone who can't read English fluently to see all of the menus and dialog boxes in Spanish, Russian, or even French.

Problems with the installation process may arise due to too many devices being connected at once, certain firewall settings, weak internet connection, or even the type of network being used. It seems that this bug is continuing as previous versions of Windows wouldn't be immune as well[3].

Granted, these issues are far from being the only ones. Ironically enough, some Insider Program members couldn't even download the new Windows version due to system incompatibility. Later on, the recommendation to simply reboot devices was given.

There are some issues with the Start Menu search, too, as few users stated that it is simply impossible to type into the search bar. On top of that, users point out that File Explorer wasn't developed that much, and it still looks like Windows 10 version, which is not something to be expected.

Among other noted issues, users experienced the inability to rate and review certain apps. Others mention that the install button could not be functional in the Windows Store, preview windows seem to bug, and the taskbar won't show up across multiple monitors[4].

Early version launch showed that there is room for improvement

As of result of poor first impression with Windows 11, many users were left with frustration and disappointment, while others point out that previous Windows versions, for example, Windows 10, also weren't perfect. With Windows, 10 tons of people complained about faulty security, easy access to snooping, and overly done advertising of third-party products.

With Windows 11, issues seem to be technical from the start. However, as companies spokesperson communicated, there is still time to develop and improve before the big return later this year[5]. As of right now, users and customers could only hope that the final product would be worth the wait.

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