Hello. You have a very imformative blog! Actually, I have a few questions to ask about this virus.

I would be really really appreciate if you could please take a little time for answering these questions. Before Antivirus Security Pro installs on my computer, does it hide in memory for hours, or days, or weeks, or does it install right away as I visit the infected page without waiting?

It’s that some people said it can be possible that I’ve brought the virus from somewhere else. Then it was hididen in something and installed while I’m visiting the website. I think they believe it so, because the website is enormously huge and secure so it’s impossible to be infected by virus there. And many other people’s computers were already infected by that virus if it is from the website.I also think like that, too.

The second questions is, can it be installed just by visiting a certain web page? As I already said it above, in my case, it was installed while I’m surfing this one enormously huge website that is very securely built.
Could there be any other reasons? But I really didn’t open other websites, or click anything except surfing that website. Everything was like normal days. Oh, and I didn’t download or install any softwares these days.

It’s been maybe 2~4 hours of visiting the website. It suddenly alarmed “Infected file detected”, and created two Antivirus Security Pro icons on my background. I was still surfing the same website.

The thing is that I’ve checked the background for several times while I’m surfing the website, but there was no icon on there. That’s why I can’t think of other clues but this website. But I also think it’s impossible that malware is planted on their web page…It’s been about a year visiting their website almost every day, and this never happened to me before, and other customers, too. So I really want to know where this virus is from.

And when I contacted them, they said I’m the first person who said the computer is infected virus while on their website.
They said they will investigate the case but they might not report me the result for security reason. So I might not know the truth whether it’s their problem, or my computer’s. hahaT_T Do you have any idea about this issue?

Thank you sooooooooooo much for your time!!