updater.exe is an executable file that starts a malicious process, launches certain parasite components or runs a destructive payload. Even if the updater.exe file does nothing suspicious, its presence indicates that your computer is infected with a particular threat.
The updater.exe file is installed and used by adware AdvSearch. It is also related to other parasites such as browser hijacker Winshow, browser hijacker CoolWebSearch.msupdater, adware NavHelper, keylogger Free Scratch and Win, SPAM tool Aureate Group Mail, keylogger Ehks, worm Updater, trojan Ashley Trojan, Muska52 and ActualNames. These threats can use updater.exe for different purposes, as the file's functionality depends on a particular parasite it belongs to.
The updater.exe file usually runs the same named process. This process silently works in background and performs harmful actions. It remains active while updater.exe is present in the system. Removing the file will immediately terminate a process and prevent it from running later. That is why you have to manually delete the updater.exe file. If you cannot erase it, consider using recommended spyware removers, which will get rid of updater.exe and associated parasites for you.
Sometimes a presence of updater.exe does not indicate that your computer is infected. It can be an essential system file or a file installed by harmless legitimate software and therefore may not pose any threat to your privacy and the system. Although such cases are quite rare, you should thoroughly examine updater.exe before completely deleting or leaving it in the system. updater.exe is an executable file which primary purpose is to start a parasite or launch some of its components. Once executed, the updater.exe file runs a process that is responsible for the parasite's payload. updater.exe is a significant part of a dangerous threat, but it can also work on its own. DO NOT execute it!
The updater.exe file is installed and used by PLook.
You have to delete the updater.exe file immediately after you have found it. The parasite will continue to violate your privacy and harm your computer unless updater.exe and all related objects will not be completely removed from the system. If you have difficulties erasing the file consider using an anti-spyware program.
Please note that the updater.exe file actually may be a fully legitimate part of the operating system or legitimate software. Often parasites use files with unsuspicious names, but malicious functionality. You should always carefully check the file before deleting it. It may not be related with malware, but can be required by your essential programs to work properly.