Hacking AIM

“Have you ever wanted to get on your girlfriends, boyfriends, or just a friends AOL Instant Messenger screen name … but just didn’t have the password? Well we here at inersoft have found an astounding leak in the AOL servers that will allow you to find anyone’s AOL Instant Messenger password. We understand that you most likely aren’t a skilled computer tech person so we made this application very simple to use! It is as simple as 123! All you do is enter your buddies screen name that you would like the password for, and simply click one button and boom within seconds you have their password!”

We didn’t write the text above. It is taken from a web site distributing AIM Screen Name HACKER, a program that (purportedly) allows you to login to your friends AIM accounts. You do not even need passwords!

But wait! It’s not an advertisement. We do not even want you to give this program a try, because this would be …a fatal mistake. AIM Screen Name HACKER, also known as HackAIM, is not such a useful application that it pretends to be after all. It actually is a dangerous trojan that secretly downloads from the Internet and installs widely spread dangerous parasites to the compromised system. Those pests are trojans, worms and other nasties striving to turn your PC into a botnet drone, so that it could be controlled remotely and used for malicious purposes.

If you ever find a site distributing AIM Screen Name HACKER or any other free or paid program that will promise you to do something virtually impossible, say to yourself – “It’s too good to be true. There’s always free cheese in a mousetrap.” And DO NOT download that “incredible” app.

P.S. But if you did, you can always find manual removal instructions here, at 2-Spyware.com.