Intelinet Smart Security – spyware or anti-spyware?

Intelinet Smart Security is a new applications that present itself as a spyware remover, however we can”t say it is rogue program, but it”s advertisement on some websites is misleading. The way of advertisements still is unclear, advertisements is very aggressive; that means product is thrusting constrainedly. What about creators? We haven’t heard yet about “Intelinet Internet Security Suite 3.1.0”. havent you noticed anything strange? Yes, version is 3rd not 1st, as everyone do at the begining, so conclusion is that software creators want to imitate that they work longer than is in reality. Also there are many awards for software that comes recently. At the come to the conclusion Intelinet Smart Security could be real anti-spyware application but usage of it is inadvisable. All information about application you can find at:?,