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Stay safe online - 2018-05-21

4 Tips to protect Android from malware

Android devices can also get infected with malware. While it seems that hackers develop malicious programs which target only computers, we have to disappoint you — Android virus is a real threat to your device. More
News Security   2017-12-03

Cobalt malware took advantage of 17-year-old MS Office vulnerability

Cobalt targets banks using Microsoft Equation Editor’s vulnerability. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-12-02

Necurs botnet delivers GlobeImposter via malicious emails

Necurs is alive again and pushes GlobeImposter through fake invoices. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-12-01

MacOS High Sierra security update fixes the root bug

Apple released a security update for macOS High Sierra to fix root bug. More
News Security   2017-11-30

Google play security detects a new Tizi Android malware

Tizi Android malware aims to steal social media data. In September, Google Play Security engineers have spotted that the users are able to infiltrate spyware on their devices which is known as Tizi virus. More
News Security   2017-11-29

Fake Symantec blog spread Proton Mac malware

Crooks spoofed Symantec’s website and offered to download bogus security program. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-11-28

Necurs pushes spam emails infected with Scarab ransomware

Necurs sends over 10 million spam emails infected with Scarab ransomware. More
News Spam and phishing   2017-11-27

Imgur finds out about the 3-year-old data breach

Imgur warns its users about the data breach. On November 23 2017, Imgur received an unexpected email message from a security researcher who warned the company about the data breach. More
News Security   2017-11-27

5 steps to protect your company from ransomware attack

No IT skills are needed to infect servers with ransomware. More
News Security   2017-11-26

400 world's popular sites log everything you type

They spy on you more than you think. There’s no secret that anonymity and absolute privacy are non-existent ideas on the Internet. More
News Security   2017-11-25

Necrus botnet started distributing Scarab ransomware

Scarab is updated again and spreads via Necrus botnet. Security experts warn that it’s time to update your backups and be careful with received emails. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-11-24

Self-replicating qkG ransomware targets only Word documents

Document-encrypting qkG virus exploits VBA macro. Experts have recently found an entirely different variant of the ransomware — qkG virus. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-11-23

Uber paid $100,000 to cover up the major data leak

The convenient workaround – paying the hackers. It seems that now misfortune of data breach has descended on Uber, well-known ride-hailing company specializing in driving apps. More
News Security   2017-11-22

CCleaner bundled Avast Free Antivirus to its installer

Avast Free Antivirus comes together with CCleaner in not the most appropriate way. More
Anti-spyware software News   2017-11-21

CryptoMix family received another update - 0000 ransomware virus

CryptoMix is back with .0000 file extension. Developers of CryptoMix presented two new versions of the ransomware in the middle of November 2017. More
News Viruses and parasites   2017-11-20
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