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Stay safe online - 2023-09-22

New Woody RAT malware targets Russian entities

Russian organizations in the eyesight of a new RAT. A new RAT has been discovered by security researchers called Woody RAT. More
News Security   2022-08-05

Indonesia reinstates access to Steam and Yahoo while other services remain banned

The new strict Kominfo licensing law requires companies to adhere to strict regulations. More
News   2022-08-03

Malicious npm packages tapped to steal Discord users’ information

Malicious campaign to infect Discord users with malware in motion. More
News Security   2022-08-01

Google delays the third-party cookie blocking in Chrome to 2024

Google pushes the plan to block cookies from third parties yet again. More
News Security   2022-07-29

Malicious IIS extensions are used to improve persistence of backdoors

IIS extensions used to backdoor unpatched Exchange servers. More
News Security   2022-07-27

Amadey Bot distributed in SmokeyLoader campaign via cracked software

A new version of Amadey malware pushed using cracks and keygen sites to lure people. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-07-25

Ukrainian radio network hacked to display fake news about the president

Fake News about the health of President Zelenskiy reported after the Russian hacker attack. More
News   2022-07-22

FBI recovers $500,000 paid to the North Korean ransomware hackers

Maui ransomware collected funds from healthcare organizations got seized by the Department of Justice. More
News   2022-07-21

Google took down several apps from the Play Store for spreading malware

Several malware families like Joker, Facestealer, and Coper were distributed via the marketplace before the app takedown. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-07-19

Microsoft pushes mac users to patch against macOS App Sandbox flaw

Microsoft reported the exploit code for a macOS vulnerability that can lead to attacks. More

Fake LinkedIn job offers used to steal $540 million from Axie Infinity

The largest cryptocurrency heist started with a job offer in March. More
News Security   2022-07-11

Microsoft rolls back the Office macros blocking until further notice

Microsft stops the plan to block malicious macros by default . More
News Security   2022-07-08

Apple Lockdown Mode protects iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices from spyware

Apple introduces a new security feature that protects devices against government spyware. More
News Security   2022-07-07

Hive ransomware gets upgrades to more advanced encryption method

After a year since the discovery Hive ransomware virus latest versions carry major upgrades. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-07-06

Google fights the actively exploited zero-day flaw with Chrome updates

Google patches the new Chrome zero-day flaw that was already exploited in attacks. More
News Security   2022-07-05