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Stay safe online - 2018-10-16

A must-see guide for those who got infected with a ransomware virus

Ransomware is amongst the most complicated and threatening viruses. More
News Security   2018-05-29

T-Mobile data breach might affect millions of customers

The bug in T-Mobile’s website exposed millions of customers personal details. More
News Security   2018-05-28

This discount voucher is fake: identify Amazon Gift Card scam

Anyone can become a victim of Amazon scam. Amazon was nominated as the most popular online store in the United States in 2016. More
News Spam and phishing   2018-05-27

SocationSmart site bug exposed the location of millions US citizens

LocationSmart bug is responsible for revealing the location data of almost any US phone. More
News   2018-05-26

Cheap Android phones are sold with pre-installed malware

Android phones with malware were not certified by Google. Experts have found Android devices which were sold with pre-installed malware to the customers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2018-05-25

VPNFilter botnet targets network routers in Ukraine

Half a million routers infected with VPNFilter malware: Ukraine is the main target. More
News Security   2018-05-24

EastEnder's Shona McGarty falls a victim to the Fappening 2018

Shona McGarty's explicit pictures leaked after her iCloud account gets hacked. More
News   2018-05-23

Two new versions of Spectre vulnerability discovered

Google and Microsoft researchers report about two new Spectre vulnerabilities. More
News Security   2018-05-22

Teen monitoring app leaked numerous Apple ID passwords

Application for teen monitoring exposed thousands of Apple ID passwords. More
News Security   2018-05-21

The scale of Chili’s data breach is still unknown

If you had dinner at Chili’s in March or April, your credit card data might be in danger. More
News Security   2018-05-19

An aggressive WinstarNssmMiner crashes PCs upon removal

White hats call the alarm since cryptocurrency miners are getting more and more aggressive. More
News Viruses and parasites   2018-05-18

Malware is capable of stealing data from a desktop version of Telegram

Telegram's contacts, conversations, and other credentials are at risk. More
News   2018-05-17

Another Facebook data breach exposed 3 million users' details

Intimate details of FB users are exposed from the quiz app myPersonality. More
News   2018-05-16

Vega Stealer malware targets credentials saved on Chrome and Firefox

Vega Stealer malware harvesting credentials from Chrome and Firefox web browsers. More
News Viruses and parasites   2018-05-15

Zero-day malware is threatening to steal Facebook credentials

7 extensions on Google web store are found to be infected with malware. More
News   2018-05-14
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