Ransomware is booming: new versions are released every day

The Jigsaw ransomware creators do not seem to stand back even after the Jigsaw decryption tool was released. On the contrary, they became even more aggressive and are currently creating new versions of this virus, such as CryptoHitman or Payransom ransomware. These viruses work by the same principle: they encrypt the files on the infected computer using a sophisticated cipher and then ask the victim to pay a considerable amount of money for the ability to access these files again. Recently, the computer security experts have found another variant of this ransomware. What differs in this version, though, is the extension that this virus adds to the encrypted files. Previously, Jigsaw has been known to display .afd, .paybtcs, .fun, .kkk, .gws or .btc file extensions instead of the regular ones. Now the encrypted files feature .PAYMS extension. Otherwise, the program seems unchanged. The criminals also demand a $150 USD ransom and set a timer for the victim to make the payment. Luckily, these new adjustments were quickly examined and the virus researchers managed to come up with the decryption tool for this Jigsaw variant as well.

Ransomware programs usually undergone changes when their older versions are decrypted or fail to function as the cyber criminals expect them to. However, the amount of Jigsaw versions also largely depends on the fact that this ransomware is sold online. If you browse through the dark web, you would find that it is not that expensive either. You can purchase it for around $139 USD, so, any evil-minded individual can have a try with this fraudulent money-making software. If these crooks are skilled enough, they can modify this program to display different file extensions or demand varying amounts or ransom for the file decryption. Even though the cyber security experts repeatedly warn the users not to pay for the files, there are still people who will do anything to retrieve their files. Unfortunately, this only benefits the virus creators and motivates them in the creation of more versions of the ransomware viruses in the future. If you ever get infected, think about whether you would wish the same fate for the fellow computer users.

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