Time for vengeance: AntiVirus XP distributors sued

People often believe that cyber scammers and malware creators are impossible to catch and punish. Fortunately, that’s not true. Although, malware makers are rarely identified, October 2008 brings some losses for scammers’ community as distributors of Antivirus XP rogue application are being sued.

People behind scams like AntiVirusXP are known for the lack of information about them. Websites that sell corrupt security tools usually have no data on creators or vendors; usually there are no names or contacts given. This is how people can recognize distributors of rogue security tools: the websites only have information on how to purchase some program, but no details about company that takes the money.

Malware vendors hide well, however they do make mistakes. Distributors of Antivirus XP were bold enough and dumb enough to buy advertisements on Google Adwords! You get it right: someone looking for anti-virus software on Google search engine was offered Antivirus XP by official adds from Google. The scam was noticed pretty soon. Security experts all over the web guess that this mistake was the one that revealed names of AntivirusXP vendors. Victims of Antivirus XP can start celebrating as the distributors won’t get away easily.