Universities take serious measures against illegal downloaders

Finally, illegal downloaders from American universities will be stopped. Students’ love for pirated music, software and other copyrighted matter is well known. However, no direct actions were taken until now. Previous practice suggested warning someone that downloads copyrighted stuff illegally. The second step was to suggest that person to pay fine if he or she doesn’t want to face a lawsuit. However you can’t tell that fines and lawsuits system had really worked. There wasn’t a possibility to check someone’s computer because it is some kind of intrusion to one’s privacy. A suggestion to publish a list of universities that distribute illegal files was blocked just a month ago. This motion could make a possibility to take actions against those that downloads illegally.

From now on, if a student is caught downloading pirated content, he or she won’t be able to use school’s Internet service for a certain period of time. Well, this action is probably the most terrible punishment for computer lovers. Both RIAA and universities hope that this kind of punishment will be effective as there won’t be any warning: if you are illegal downloader, you can’t use Internet.