Understanding delta.crx file and its importance

delta.crx is a malicious file, which presence and active running within Task Manager should be considered as a warning sign. More
 August 04, 2015

File IELowutil.exe definition

IELowutil.exe is a legitimate file, which can be found in Windows Vista and later OS. More
 May 08, 2014

Do I need to remove Omigaplussvc.exe?

Omigaplussvc.exe is a file name that can be noticed running in your Task Manager. More
 July 01, 2015

Define BabMaint.exe file. Do I need it?

BabMaint.exe is a widely known malicious executable, which is related to suspicious browser add-ons that are capable of hijacking Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers. More
 July 13, 2015

Do I need to remove Omigaplussvc.exe?

Omigaplussvc.exe is a file name that can be noticed running in your Task Manager. More
 July 01, 2015

What is the function of Moxgfjabg.exe

If you have just noticed Moxgfjabg.exe in your task manager, do NOT believe that it belongs to Google! More
 June 16, 2015

Bobrowser.exe details and description

bobrowser.exe is a primary executable file of BoBrowser, which is also known as a very nasty browser hijacker. More
 June 15, 2015

Omigaplus.exe explanation

omigaplus.exe is a malicious file, which shouldn't be allowed to stay on your computer. More
 June 08, 2015

Understanding MyBabylonTB.exe file and its importance

MyBabylonTB.exe may seem like a harmless file. However, you should never let the name of this file to mislead you because it is not 'yours'. More
 June 04, 2015

Do I need to remove DSearchLink.exe?

There is a malicious file called DSearchLink.exe spreading around. More
 June 03, 2015

DeltaTB.exe explanation

Have you recently noticed DeltaTB.exe running in your task manager? More
 May 29, 2015

Spyware files

Computer system consists of various files. You can find thousands of files by different filenames and in different parts of the system. Some of the files are SYSTEM FILES and they are needed to maintain system stability and functioning, others are APPLICATION FILES, which are required to run various applications properly. And of course there are various MALICIOUS FILES which can harm your computer, collect information and do various other things. This section will help you to identify various files by their filenames, see if its related to some parasites or applications.

There are lots of files which uses legitimate system filenames but they are placed in other sections of the computer simply to deceive the user. We will help you to understand the difference between malicious files and legitimate files. Use our search form and find the descriptions of the files by their filenames.


Total files in our DB: 2095


.exe (1031)
.dll (224)
.lnk (148)
.db (144)
.dat (59)
.bat (45)
.ini (40)
.sys (30)
.vbs (30)
.bin (28)
.scr (27)
.jpg (22)
.gif (20)
.pif (18)
.swf (17)
.rtf (16)
.com (15)
.ico (13)
.js (12)
.vxd (12)
.cab (11)
.php (10)
.doc (8)
.chm (7)
.java (6)
.dl_ (6)
.cvd (6)
.rar (4)
.ex (3)
.manifest (3)
.h@tkeysh@@ (2)
.ocx (2)
.job (2)
.ivd (2)
.pyd (2)
.jar (2)
.ttf (2)
.fss (1)
.key (1)
.h (1)
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