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Computer system consists of various files. You can find thousands of files by different filenames and in different parts of the system. Some of the files are SYSTEM FILES and they are needed to maintain system stability and functioning, others are APPLICATION FILES, which are required to run various applications properly. And of course there are various MALICIOUS FILES which can harm your computer, collect information and do various other things. This section will help you to identify various files by their filenames, see if its related to some parasites or applications.

There are lots of files which uses legitimate system filenames but they are placed in other sections of the computer simply to deceive the user. We will help you to understand the difference between malicious files and legitimate files. Use our search form and find the descriptions of the files by their filenames.

Newest files


September 12th, 2014
win32. exe is a malicious executable file, which is related to Ratega backdoor Trojan and other viruses. According to Symantec, this virus can also be identified as win32. More...


August 5th, 2014
YTSingleInstance. dll is a legitimate dynamic link library that belongs to Yahoo! products, such as Yahoo! Single Instance for Mail, Yahoo! Toolbar, Sony on Yahoo! Essentials, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and other programs. Just like any other . More...


July 8th, 2014
The add. php file is an essential part of a particular parasite and therefore is responsible for the pest's malicious activity. Exact purposes of add. More...

*.exe (976)
*.dll (211)
*.lnk (144)
*.db (144)
*.dat (59)
*.bat (44)
*.ini (40)
*.sys (30)
*.vbs (30)
*.bin (26)
*.scr (26)
*.jpg (22)
*.gif (20)
*.pif (17)
*.swf (17)
*.rtf (16)
*.com (13)
*.ico (12)
*.vxd (12)
*.js (12)
*.cab (11)
*.php (10)
*.doc (8)
*.chm (7)
*.dl_ (6)
*.cvd (6)
*.java (6)
*.rar (4)
*.ex (3)
*.manifest (3)
*.job (2)
*.ivd (2)
*.pyd (2)
*.ttf (2)
*.h@tkeysh@@ (2)
*.jar (2)
*.ocx (2)
*.sss (1)
*.txt (1)
*.scan-bar-p (1)

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