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About Lucia Danes 

Lucia is a News Editor for 2spyware. She has a long experience working in malware and technology fields. Over the years, her reader-friendly and straight-to-the-point articles have been acknowledged among those who value objective analysis and accurate information.

Starting from college, Lucia was particularly interested in graphic design and online marketing. This hobby has eventually led her to take an interest in malware analysis and disclosure of various tactics applied by advertisers or scammers to attract customers.

Lucia Danes is also a loyal participant of the InfoSec events around the globe. Among them are the Cyber Defence and Network Security conference hosted in the UK, Black Hat USA, Infosec World, Defcon and others. The experience and knowledge gained in these events benefit the researcher in her work and allow her to stay on track with the latest cyber security trends.

Along with her team, Lucia is constantly working on the most effective and user-friendly tutorials that help people get rid of various threats easily. The researcher is active on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, where she welcomes questions about cybersecurity and malware removal. You can always address her account to learn about the latest trends of the malware world.

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Posts published by Lucia Danes

Eliminate idp.alexa.51

IDP.ALEXA.51 is a term used by Avast, AVG or Avira to identify different types of malware, but can also be false positive. More
Malware Viruses   February 13, 2019  

Uninstall Gandcrab 5.0.1 ransomware

Gandcrab 5.0.1 ransomware is a new version of the notorious GandCrab that changed the ransom note from .HTML to .TXT. More
Ransomware Viruses   February 13, 2019  

Eliminate FCrypt ransomware

FCrypt - a new ransomware family that encrypts files but does not ask for a ransom payment. More
Ransomware Viruses   February 12, 2019  

Remove Tik Tok ads

Tik Tok ads is an annoying ad campaign that turned into a nightmare for YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and other application users. More
Adware Viruses   February 11, 2019  

Uninstall Relosoun.com

Relosoun is a phishing site that exposes users to a variety of scams in order to obtain their personal information. More
Adware Viruses   February 11, 2019  

Removing Mobnootiffy.com

Mobnootiffy.com is a social engineering attack that prompts users to enable malicious notifications. More
Adware Viruses   February 08, 2019  

How to remove Lehanusepardo.info

Lehanusepardo.info - adware which drops a "Confirm notifications" message. More
Adware Viruses   February 07, 2019  

Uspo.xyz removal instructions

Uspo.xyz is a potentially unwanted application that might lead to phishing, malware-laden or other dangerous sites. More
Adware Viruses   February 01, 2019  

How to remove SecuryBrowse

SecuryBrowse is an extension and a browser hijacker that provides fake sense of security for netizens. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   February 01, 2019  

New Mac malware Cookieminer is capable of stealing crypto wallet data

The new Mac threat can steal cookies related to cryptocurrency wallets and then drop crypto-miner on the system to maximize profits. More
News Viruses and parasites   February 01, 2019  

Delete Matrix ransomware

Matrix ransomware is a data locker that has been encrypting users' files since late 2016. More
Ransomware Viruses   January 31, 2019  

Uninstall Search.getvideomonkey.com

Search.getvideomonkey.com - a browser-hijacking app which brings search results from Yahoo. More
Browser Hijackers Mac Viruses Viruses   January 30, 2019  
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