Trying to avoid ransomware or make it useless? Here are some tips:

It seems that Ransomware is still one of the most frightening forms of malware. Most probably, that’s because it has ability to lock down the system or encrypt user’s files as soon as it infiltrates it. However, that’s not the main reason why hackers invented ransomware. Once such virus blocks the access to files, it replaces computer’s screen with a message, which demands paying a fine or a ransom. According to a famous security researcher Brian Krebs, this technique could help hackers earn more than $50,000 per day.

In order to know how to avoid ransomware and what to do when such threat attacks your machine, read the following tips:

Avoid ransomware viruses by stopping the use of illegal software, music or movies.

If you are a fan of free music, games and films, you are at the higher risk of being tricked into installing this kind of malware. In this case, the one and only suggestion would be to stop using illegal downloads.

Get immunity by backing up your files.

Ransomware has been so successful for one big reason – it has ability to prevent users from accessing their unique and precious files. In order to protect your data, start doing regular backups. After that, ransomware will loose its essence. For that, we would recommend choosing such and similar services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr .

Never pay a ransom.

Please, never pay this ransom, which is usually asked on the fake ransomware’s alert. That’s because we won’ find such governmental authority, which uses such methods for collecting fines. Besides, it doesn’t help when seeking to unlock the system. In this case, you should get a reputable anti-virus and get rid of malicious files.

If you think are infected with ransomware, read these posts and use removal instructions that are given at the end of them:

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