Adware in Apple Mac OS X? Yes, it’s possible!

Adware in Apple Mac OS X? Yes, it’s possible!Steadily, year by year, adware-type programs have been bothering Windows users. After being installed in a bundle with third-party downloads, they have been interrupting people with annoying pop-up ads, in-text links, banner ads and other commercial content. It should be mentioned that such applications are not considered malicious. Nevertheless, security experts recommend avoiding them. It seems that Mac OS users should also keep this recommendation in mind because today Windows users are not the only ones that suffer from these unbearable programs. Fortunately, it’s more than obvious that this operating system is much resistant and adware developers will need several years or more to get ability to increase the population of Mac adware.

How can you tell if your Mac is affected by ad-injection software? One of the most obvious signs showing that your machine is filled with programs that you don’t really need is ads. Sometimes they can be avoided by selecting “Block pop-up windows” in Safari preferences but this might fail to help you if you are dealing with a nasty piece of adware. In this case, annoying ads can start following you as soon as you start your browsing and then they may continue reappearing no matter what type of web site, commercial or not, you decide to visit. If you have been dealing with such ads for a while, you should understand what are they seeking. If you are a newbie, then you should know that each of these ads is used for making the money for the developer of the adware, so please try not to click them.

The second sign reporting about infiltration of adware is redirects. You can never know what website is promoted using such technique, so you should stay away from each of ads that cause them. Our security experts are also warning Mac users that adwares may change their start page and the default search engine without any permission asked. Finally, they may start tracking their browsing habits and may collect various information, which is related to their browsing activity.

Fortunately, software developers have started developing programs for Mac adware removal. We want to present you two different applications that have revealed great results when detecting and eliminating these nasty programs. The first of them is AdwareMedic. It’s a free tool that was designed for adware removal only. Another program is called Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, which can be called a versatile application that can be used for fighting against PC and Mac-directed malware.

Remember, your Mac’s security is entirely in your hands. Hackers are not sleeping, so you should also do the same…

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