Dear team of,

My name is Alex and I’m contacting you as it has come to my attention that you have published an article about Outbyte PC repair tool. Could you please let me know what were the sources that you were using while creating the article and if you have yourself tried using Outbyte software?

The reason I’m asking is that lately there have been numerous articles published about Outbyte tools that look quite similar to each other but when it comes to the actual information displayed in each article, unfortunately, it has very little to do with the real facts.

For example, the articles mention that we steal our users’ data without any facts backing it up such as queries going to our servers. Also, we do not have any pop-ups with commercial offers or false errors, we only show functional pop-ups as when, for example, detecting a potentially dangerous website. Outbyte tools are certified by AppEsteem, comply with CSA guidelines, and offer 7-day free trial periods for customers. The software doesn’t contain any unwanted behavior, otherwise, it wouldn’t be certified by AppEsteem.

We also acknowledge that the backlash could have been caused by the deceptive behavior of some of our affiliate partners that were using rogue advertising and distribution tactics in the recent past without us knowing about it. That has lead us to a decision to stop working with all affiliate networks that were not transparent about the way they functioned. The issue was addressed in the following statement

I’m hoping that we will be able to resolve this and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.